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Tenants, check your credit record

Some 45% of South African credit-active consumers are behind on their debt repayments, according to the National Credit Regulator’s Lebogang Selibi.

Right now, more than 10 million consumers have an impaired credit record in South Africa. If you are included in this statistic, you will battle to rent accommodation – especially if landlords and letting agents perform a credit check on your profile.

TransUnion Credit Bureau says impaired consumers should obtain an updated record of their overall credit profile from a credit monitor. It will reflect all current accounts and their individual statuses. It will also reflect any listing remarks or adverse information. All consumers have free access to their records once a year.

TransUnion can be contacted on 0861-482-482 to lodge a query on out dated information that may require correcting. If the query pertains to a listing and the account has been settled or paid in full, forward the information from the creditor concerned along with a copy of your ID to the credit bureau. The record will update within seven to 20 days.

HomeTimes suggests you proactively approach your bank with this updated information to update the bank’s records which will hopefully avoid any further adverse credit reporting.


Alison Goldberg is the former property editor of Business Day (1985) and the Financial Mail (1991-99). In 1995 she won the Sanlam Financial Journalist of the Year Award. She has edited such titles as National Constructor and The Miner in Australia and has freelanced for The Star, The South African Jewish Report and The Jerusalem Post.

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