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Product plug: a smart shower

3 GROHE SmartControl

Life’s too short to take terrible showers. Grohe, the manufacturer of sanitary fittings, including kitchen and bathroom taps, and shower systems, has invented the Rainshower system, which features SmartControl push button technology to personalise all shower functions.

The spray pattern can be selected and started by pushing one of the buttons on the wall-mounted chassis whereas turning the button personalises the water volume.

A metal thermostat handle allows for comfortable pre-setting of the water temperature and features a SafeStop button which limits the temperature to a maximum of 38°C. The Grohe TurboStat technology ensures that the chosen temperature is reached within fractions of a second and maintained reliably until the user chooses to change it. In addition, the CoolTouch technology prevents the surface from heating up, removing the risk of scalding.

Not only is it functional, it’s beautiful too.


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