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Dog-hot days

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As the sweltering temperatures persist this week across parts of the country, ADT Security has added its voice of concern and support to a warning put out by the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NSPCA). Animal owners have been warned to take extra precautions.

The NSPCA has warned that confined animals are at risk of being affected by the high temperatures. Please take heed of the following hints to keep your animals safe:

  • Companion animals should not be taken out in vehicles, except for emergency situations such as visits to the veterinarian
  • Pet owners should ideally refrain from walking or exercising their dogs in the heat of the day. It is better to wait until temperatures drop towards the end of the day as the heat retained in tarred roads or hot pavements can damage animals’ paws
  • Do not keep your animals confined
  • Ensure your animals have lots of water and can access shade if you are away
  • Working animals like security dogs should be monitored carefully to avoid dehydration, fatigue or even heatstroke

Remember dogs also provide a valuable additional security layer, but not if they are hot and lethargic. Take extra care this weekend and ensure your animals are well hydrated.



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