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Hiring a painter? Here’s your checklist

Although DIY is fun, there are times when we just don’t have enough time to tackle the next project. And even though there is plenty of helpful information out there which can arm you with all of the painting advice that you could need in order to do it yourself, it’s sometimes much easier (and much more convenient) to hire someone to do the work for you, especially if you don’t have the skills or the tools needed to do a good job. While affordable painters can be found – whether it’s a private painter or a specialised company that does the job – it’s important, however, that you ask the following questions to ensure that you have chosen the right person for the project.

Assess the job

What work needs to be done? First do your measurements and determine the scope of work. How large is the surface area that needs to be painted? Include any preparation that needs to be done so that your potential painter can quote you accurately.

Ask for recommendations

Your family, friends or colleagues may know of a great painter who assisted them with a project. Chat to people that you know before seeking out a painter online or in a directory.


The quotes you get are very important. Don’t simply grab the first quote that is given to you. The general rule is that it is best to get at least three quotes from three different painters. These three quotes should be as accurate as possible. Remember that a good painter won’t simply quote you; they should come to your home to determine the amount of work that needs to be done and should include any preparation costs and supplies that they require. Clarify who will be supplying the paint and how many layers are needed. Bear in mind that their cost isn’t everything – their quality of work matters a lot too.


Once you have accepted a quote, you need to receive a contract whereby the painter commits to doing their work timeously and within scope. It is very important that both parties sign this contract to ensure that there are no disputes later on.

Shopping time

If you have committed to supplying the paint, then it’s time to pop down to your local Jack’s Paint & Hardware store to chat to our paint specialists about what paint is best for your project. Whether you need interior paints or exterior paints, you will be able to choose your desired colours and finish with ease. Most painters will bring their own supplies (such as paintbrushes, rollers, tarps and so on) but if you are using a contracted individual or your contract states that you need to purchase supplies, then it’s time to stock up on everything that is required for painting to commence.

Now that you have everything that you need, ensure that you maintain a good line of communication with the painter or project manager on site. Keep up-to-date with what is going on regarding the progress of the project. If you are involved, you are more likely to spot problems before they arise and can also ensure that the job is living up to your expectations.

Have some leftover paint from the project? Don’t throw it away! There are some great little paint projects that you can do with leftover paint.



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