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How to install a new shower head

There may be a number of reasons why you want to replace your shower head. It could be because your current shower head is dated and you would like a newer one. It may be that you’ve become more water conscious and choose to replace it with a low flow shower head. Regardless of the reason behind the replacement, replacing a shower head is a fairly simple job and most people are able to do this and improve the appearance of their shower and bathroom.

By using a few basic tools and following a few simple steps, you can enjoy an entirely new showering experience and possibly save water in the process. Plumbers on Call provides an easy-to-follow guide replacing a shower head.

But before you proceed, turn off water at the main stopcock, then turn on the tap in the shower to drain the pipes. Once you have done this, you may proceed to do the following:

  1. Remove the old shower head, turning it anti-clockwise
  • Use an adjustable wrench or locking pliers
  • Hold the shower arm steady (the pipe that connects to the shower head)
  • Loosen the nut behind the shower head
  • Turn the nut with your fingers, remove it and remove the shower head
  1. Clean the threads of the shower arm
  • Use a wire brush to clean out the threads
  • Ensure that all debris is removed from the threads
  1. Wrap plumber’s tape around the threads in a clockwise direction
  • This is to guarantee a tight fit on the pipes and to prevent leaks
  1. Install the new shower head
  • Hold the shower arm steady
  • Apply the new shower head to the shower arm
  • Screw on the shower head clockwise
  • Apply a cloth to the shower head in order to protect it from scratches from the wrench
  • Tighten the shower head with the wrench
  • Be careful of over tightening the shower head
  1. Turn on the shower
  • This is done to test your new shower head, ensuring there are no leaks
  • Should you find a leak, remove the shower head, re-tape the threads of the shower arm and re-install the new shower head

Contact a professional plumber if you detect leaks afterwards



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