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Beware: “follow homes” are increasing

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A vast increase in “follow homes” from shopping centres has been reported in recent times. This is according to Stallion Security which says victims are first spotted inside the shopping centre, specifically when wearing expensive jewellery, then followed home from the centre and robbed at gunpoint in their driveways.

The public needs to be vigilant when driving home. If you suspect you are being followed, do not arrive at your destination but rather drive to the nearest police station.

It is vital that you contact your security service provider if you notice anything suspicious in your neighbourhood.

Stallion regards vehicles as being suspicious when:

  • they are not recognised from being from the area,
  • where there are two or more male occupants,
  • where they seem to be driving slowly or parked for extended periods of time.

Also be on the lookout for persons loitering in the area and remain aware of your surroundings.

Top tips

  • Arm your alarm system at all times. Consider arming different zones in the house when you are home, especially during the early evening.
  • Ensure that your staff know not to open the door or gate for anyone in your absence, unless you have stipulated otherwise, such as when a delivery or service call is expected.
  • Check that your perimeter security is not damaged and in working order.
  • Test your alarm system regularly, including all panic buttons.

Testing your alarm

  • Alarms don’t test themselves. It is for you to do.
  • Do not leave testing to the last minute as logged service calls can take up to 48 hours to be completed.
  • Never test your alarm during peak periods (6am to 9am & 4pm to 7pm).
  • Call your service provider’s command centre to switch to self-test.
  • Did you know? Many insurance companies state in their fine print that your alarm has to be serviced once a year or a claim can be repudiated.

Distress passwords

Stallion encourages homeowners to make use of a distress password. It does happen that criminals force victims to advise the security company that all is in order, when contacted. Were you to give the operator a distress password, a reaction vehicle would be despatched and the criminals would be none the wiser, making it safer for you and your loved ones.


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