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Decorate with nature

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Peering into the tiny glass wonderland drags me back to the fantasies of my childhood books. The ability to create your own small world is a thought that has always intrigued me. Terrariums are a way to create a world within a world in your home.

photo-1416339411116-62e1226aacd8Terrariums, or miniature gardens, are a beautiful way of bringing the outdoors in. Terrarium newbies, if you are just entering this brave new world, do not fear as there are many ways to get going. Start by shopping around for one, or doing some research on the types of terrariums you might like. Cinderwood is a wonderland of terrarium shopping with beautiful plant worlds encased in geometric shapes that come in an array of sizes. Cinderwood specialises in open-sided succulent terrariums only. Angels & Earth (another online store) specialises in desert, woodland and tropical environments.

Once you have navigated your way through the selection process, you can start to think about the display. Displaying terrariums is just as important as their selection. Hanging them at varying lengths from the ceiling will create a whimsical feeling. Displaying them against the wall or attaching them to copper pipes to create a light fitting look, will be an unexpected touch; you can also place one interesting shape on the table, for instance the balancing cube, from Cinderwood.6f80266d-fd8f-493a-885f-08108e87d0c8

If DIY is more your thing there are great ways to make your own. You can watch Suzelle DIY to set you on your way. Or read the below.

Making a terrarium:

You will need

  • A beautiful glass container. For example, a jar or an old glass light fixture. When buying a container you need to choose between an open or closed terrarium as this will dictate whether or not it is a desert, tropical or woodland environment. Closed containers are self-sustaining as the water condensates and the plant recycles it. So take this into consideration concerning maintenance. If pottering over these little guys will be fun for you, go for an open container. If you want to love and leave it, opt for closed. Small ceramics or shells, maybe even little animal skulls (if that’s what rocks your boat), add your own personal touch. Moisture-loving plants include ferns, babies’ tears or Cryptanthus and some moss, or succulents and cactuses.
  • Pebbles and stones
  • Soil
  • Charcoal

To make

  • The first step is to add a layer of rocks to the bottom of the container. Make sure there are enough for decent drainage.
  • Next you will spread over a thin layer of activated charcoal.
  • Then comes the addition of the soil. Take the amount of space you need for the roots into consideration when adding the soil.
  • Now you can put in the plants. I would start with a relatively small cutting so you can give the plants room to grow. Make sure they are not touching the sides of the container as this will make them brown.
  • If you have gone for a closed terrarium make sure to add moss in and around the sides. If it is open, fill it in gently with pebbles.
  • Then you can top with your little ceramics or shells; whatever it is that makes it your own.

Now sit back with that cup of tea and enjoy the beauty.


* Terrarium images supplied by Angles and Earth and Cinderwood


Daniella is an all-round creative working in the realms of social media, advertising and fashion. She loves to bring her keen eye for style and trends to the home and interior landscape as a hobby when she’s not sipping tea or hanging out with her pugs.

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