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Ditch the prezzies, update your home instead

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We are nearing that time of the year when most people receive their bonuses and have some extra cash to spend. This year, before splurging on expensive Christmas gifts, why not invest in renovating your home?

A freestanding bath is the ultimate item in a romantic bathroom. Fun it up with colourful mosaics.

A freestanding bath is the ultimate item in a romantic bathroom. Fun it up with colourful mosaics.

“Not only do renovations add value to your property, but it will give you a great excuse to host a family get together or braai where you get to show off your new look,” says Liza Watermeyer, retail and display coordinator at Tile Africa. “The trick to a successful revamp is to carefully consider your budget and plan accordingly.”

With this in mind, Watermeyer shares some ideas that will give your home a modern update and a brand new look, while staying within the budget you have available.

The shoestring budget revamp

When you have limited funds available for renovations, there are a number of things that you can do to turn a dated look into a modern and practical space.

With a small budget, you can decide to use all the funds on one item such as repainting the interior of the house or replacing old flooring with modern options such as porcelain tiles, natural stone tiles or even mosaics.

If you decide to rather use your budget on a few smaller renovations, you should consider giving your bathroom a facelift by replacing the bathroom ware, such as the toilet, basin, vanity or taps. If your tiles are outdated and your bathroom is only tiled halfway, consider adding a mosaic border to elevate the look. Add modern accessories such as a glass shelf, shower rack, towel rails and toilet paper holders. These items are fairly inexpensive and easy to install yourself.http://hometimes.co.za/advertise-with-hometimes/

The same goes for the kitchen. On a limited budget, add a row of mosaic tiles in a contrasting or accent colour as a border to give the existing wall tiles a new look. Replacing the fittings, such as the sink and mixer set, will also make a big difference. Other options to consider are to give white cabinets a new look by removing the door fronts of the top cabinets and replacing these with glass panes, while the bottom doors are left off for open shelving, thus creating a modern look with minimal effort.

The year-end bonus revamp

“For those who are lucky enough to have a larger budget, one you make structural changes and create a statement which complements your lifestyle,” says Watermeyer.

One way of creating a big impact and changing the overall look of your home is by replacing the existing tiles. Natural stone tiles, such as marble, granite, travertine and sandstone can be used to create an ultra-luxurious look.

For the kitchen, replace outdated kitchen countertops, add some bold patterned tiles or choose colourful glass mosaics for a decorative splashback behind the work surface, stove and sink. Be creative and use different colours, textures and patterns to showcase your own personal style. You can finish off the new look by replacing fittings such as the sink and mixer set with modern versions. Cosmetic touches and adding new appliances can turn a dated kitchen into a sophisticated space.

Mosaics add a touch of drama to otherwise neutral tones.

Mosaics add a touch of drama to otherwise neutral tones.

Today, bathrooms have become a space that offers sanctuary, tranquillity and even a touch of romance. When renovating, transform your bathroom into a haven that sets the mood for relaxation. Tile the entire bathroom right up to the ceiling with premium tiles. Create a dramatic focal point by placing mosaics or bold patterned tiles behind the washbasin, bath or toilet, or use a magnificent display of colour balanced by earthy tones on the walls and floor to create a modern and attractive look. Add a new vanity, beautiful mirror and new bathroom ware such as a freestanding bath, toilet, basin, taps, heated towel rails, mixers and a shower rose to complete the revamp. Don’t forget to add a couple of elegant accessories for display, such as fragrant soaps, bubble bath and plush towels.

* For more renovation ideas, visit Tile Africa’s Inspiration Gallery.

Mosaics add a touch of drama to otherwise neutral tones.

Simple additions like towel racks and bath accessories, or updating your colour scheme, are cheap, fun and easy to do.


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