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H2O no-no’s

The cost of water as part of our living expenses is unavoidable. At a time when all other living expenses are on the rise in SA (electricity, petrol and food) we have no other option but to use it more wisely – for the sake of our environment and on a more practical basis, for the sake of our pockets.

So, how can you reduce your water bill and improve household water saving?

  1. Turn off your tap when you brush your teeth – by simply turning off your tap while you brush your teeth, you can save up to six litres of water per minute. Practicing this on a daily basis makes a huge difference in the long run.
  2. Take shorter showers – the relaxing feeling of continuous hot water streaming down a weary body is hard to resist, but longer showers significantly increase your water bill.
  3. Only use full loads in your washing machine or dishwasher – by taking the time to plan each wash more carefully, you can save quite a bit over time as full loads eliminate unnecessary washing in-between.
  4. Keep cooled water on hand – another simple water-saving technique in the home is filling a jug with tap water and then placing it in your fridge. This prevents the common habit of leaving the cold tap running for the water to run cold before filling your glass.
  5. Fix a dripping tap – we know how annoying the sound or sight of a dripping tap can be. As motivation to deal with this problem sooner rather than later, imagine each drop of water wasted as your money literally going down the drain. A dripping tap can waste 15 litres of water a day. The effort and cost of fixing this far outweighs the cost of doing nothing about it in the long run.

With the endless demand on our finances in our daily living, it makes sense to use practical, simple solutions to save money wherever possible. It only requires the will and effort to do it on a consistent basis until it becomes a habit. A good, money-saving habit.

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