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November with Keith Kirsten

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November is here and it’s less than two months to go to the festive season. Here’s what you need to know about gardening this month.


  • Sow winter annuals, including Anemone, English Daisies, Primulas and Ranunculus
  • Sow the following perennials: Alpine Asters, Baby’s Breath; Bergenias, Blue Daisies, Carnations, Catmint, Columbine, Nierembergia, Grass Carnation, ‘Dusty Miller’, Foxglove, Gazania, Heliotrope, Primulus, Shasta Daisies, Violas and Yarrows
  • Plant summer annuals like Retzia capensis (heuningblom), Balsamine, Candytuft, Impatiens, Gazania (gousblom) and Salvia
  • Lift and divide Irises once they’ve finished flowering
  • Remove spring bulb plants once the leaves start to wither and sprinkle with sulphur before you put it away
  • Feed cannas and dahlias, water agapanthus thoroughly
  • Keep cutting and water the lawns
  • Water Hydrangeas thoroughly and feed regularly with Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Hydrangea, blue or pink
  • Spray roses and fruit trees regularly

Winter rainfall areas

  • Pick off the dead flower heads from roses regularly and water once or twice a week
  • Keep perennials wet and feed with Wonder 5:1:5 (22) All Purpose Fertiliser
  • Feed flowering shrubs once a month with 3:1:5 (26) SR
  • Feed Hydrangeas with Wonder Shake ‘n Grow Hydrangea, blue or pink
  • Be on the lookout for Red Spider Mite because they like warm, dry conditions
  • Sow vegetables like beetroot, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, melon (spanspek), parsley, pumpkin, radishes, runner beans, spinach, sweet potatoes, turnips and marrows

Dry continental and Highveld summer rainfall areas

  • Lift daffodil bulbs once the leaves start to wither
  • Climbing roses can now be pruned
  • Pick off the dead flower from roses regularly
  • Sow lawn seed
  • Sow vegetables like beetroot, broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, cucumber, chick peas, lettuce, parsley, pumpkin, radish, runner beans, sweet potatoes, Swiss chard and baby marrows


  • Feed banana trees
  • Feed foliage plants with nitrogen fertiliser like Nitrosol or Seagro
  • Plant sweet potatoes

Moderate summer rainfall areas

  • Support perennials where necessary
  • Prune climbing roses (like banksias) this month after they’ve flowered
  • Feed summer flowering shrubs
  • Sow vegetables like broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, celery, cucumber, runner beans, cabbage turnips, dwarf spinach, artichoke, leeks, cabbage, melon (spanspek), pumpkin, radishes, chick peas, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, baby marrow


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