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Painting? Consider green paint

Protecting and beautifying our built environment is what the painting industry is fundamentally based on. The problem is that paints and varnishes are often made of chemicals that are potentially detrimental to both humans and the environment.

Consumers are far more conscious of the dangers posed by all of the chemicals in and around our homes than they were decades ago. Lead was usually the only “bad” that came to mind when we thought of paint. Nowadays, however, there is an array of other chemicals that are known to pose serious health risks. As a result, one needs to choose a paint that has been independently certified as meeting standards on issues such as heavy metal content, air-polluting volatile organic compound (VOC) levels and recyclable packaging. VOCs are suspected of contributing to sick building syndrome and other effects such as allergic sensitisation or asthmatic symptoms. Awareness of the dangers to both our airways as well as to our waterways has led to a huge global drive to eradicate potential contaminants in paints.

What are eco-friendly paints?

Eco-friendly paints are simply non-toxic paints that do not contain any chemicals and that are created from completely natural products. In addition, packaging has evolved to contain a large percentage of recycled material. We now have the option of purchasing environmentally sensitive decorating products without compromising on quality.

Most eco-friendly paint products are water-based and are non-toxic, pure acrylic emulsions. They are extremely durable, flexible, colourfast, quick drying and easy to use.

* For a healthy home, as well as a healthy planet, speak to the consultant at your local Jack’s Paint & Hardware store. He/she will be able to lead you to the ideal, environmentally friendly paint solution for your next project.


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