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All I want for Christmas…by Erwin Rode

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2015 has been a busy year for everyone. We at HomeTimes want to know what industry heavyweights are thinking about as the year draws to a close. Some are concerned about buyers, others sellers, and still others society in general. But what is it that they would like to see in their Christmas stocking for a better 2016?

Welcome to All I want for Christmas according to:

Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode & Associates Property Consultants

Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode & Associates Property Consultants.

Erwin Rode, CEO of Rode & Associates Property Consultants.

“My Christmas wish list starts with the economy. One would hope government would start curbing its running expenses; it shouldn’t cave into union pressure so we can stave off a further down-rating by ratings agencies. The past salary increases government gave civil servants was unaffordable despite knowing this. There will be serious consequences as a result. My wish is that there are no more increases in the salary bill over the next few years as we as a country are living beyond our means. My other wish is that affirmative action is moderated. It is a structural problem and needs to be replaced by appointment on merit.”


Alison Goldberg is the former property editor of Business Day (1985) and the Financial Mail (1991-99). In 1995 she won the Sanlam Financial Journalist of the Year Award. She has edited such titles as National Constructor and The Miner in Australia and has freelanced for The Star, The South African Jewish Report and The Jerusalem Post.

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