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Cramped kitchen? 5 ways to free up space

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It’s a fact that many modern apartments and living spaces compromise on kitchen space, so how do you free up counter space for more fuss-free hours of cooking and cupboard space for groceries.

Jack’s Paint & Hardware suggests the following:


Shelve itshelves

Transform an empty wall into more storage space. Visit your local hardware store and purchase some floating shelves, or even planks of wood cut to size paired with mounting brackets. The simple addition of a few shelves will give you more space on which to store crockery and other kitchen elements.

Hang ithanging mitts

If you prefer less of a cluttered look and would rather hide certain kitchen increments away, install some coat hooks on the inside of your kitchen cupboards. These provide convenient hidden storage for oven mitts and drying towels.

Stick itchalk board in kitchen

A decent-sized strip of magnetic paint will provide the perfect storage space for knives and other metallic kitchen utensils. Painting a block of the wall in your kitchen with magnetic paint and then covering it with a coat of chalkboard paint means that you can use a section of it for metallic utensil storage, and the rest for shopping lists written with chalk and even sticking up those drawings and takeaway numbers that usually clutter up your fridge!

If you have shelving up in your kitchen, install hooks on their underside. Then, for certain pots, pans and chopping boards you can hang them on these hooks and free up precious cupboard space for groceries.

Out of sighthigh shelves

Items that are not as frequently used as others can be stored on a shelf that is installed close to the ceiling. If you install a line of shelf that runs along the length of one wall, just above arms’ reach, it will give you more space for things such as recipe books and vases, whilst making the room appear taller.

Paint itpaint kitchen

You can give your kitchen a fresh and clean revamp with a new coat of paint. A newly painted kitchen and kitchen cupboards will open up the room up and give you a good palette with which to redecorate when incorporating storage solutions. Choose a medium to high-gloss acrylic interior paint as the kitchen area is subject to moisture and stains. The gloss finish will be more durable and easier to clean, whilst reflecting light for a more spacious feel.


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