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9 ways to create a magazine-worthy home

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A beautifully curated home is something you can’t quite put your finger on; everything works together in seamless harmony. Colours and textures all jostled together fighting for the limelight, yet still taking a gentle supporting role like an orchestra in a play. Home curation is not something that everyone gets right straight off the bat – it is a delicate game that needs to be understood in order to be mastered. I truly believe everyone can do it, whether you have a small budget or a big one, there are just a few tricks that need to be learned.

Avoid matching. This means, don’t go to one store and buy everything from your dining room table to your scatter cushions. Your house will look like it belongs on the showroom floor and it will leave your home looking very dull and one dimensional.

Stick to a colour palette but make sure it varies. Decide what colour palette you would like to go with, but then cover the full spectrum. If you like grey tones go from white all the way through to black as this will add interest and depth to your home.single colour palette

Layering. Different fabrics with varying textures will create dimensions. For example, a covered headboard with cushions and a few throws layered together, finished off with an ottoman or chest at the bottom of the bed, will make your bedroom enticing. These do not need to be expensive additions. Take some fabric and a piece of wood to the Foam Den and they will make up a headboard for you. Or you can do a bit of DIY with a tutorial, some plywood, foam, fabric and a staple gun. Check out a tutorial here.layering

Antiques, or slightly run down pieces, can become something magical with a bit of TLC. You can take an old 1960s art deco chair and sand it down to its raw state and then add a coat of clear varnish to get that blonde wood colour. Reupholster the old cushions in a beautiful, rough woven, grey linen from Chamdor to achbieve a modern Scandinavian feel.

Beautiful, carefully selected art pieces can really bring a space to life and you don’t even need a massive budget. Unsung Art is an online art store with amazing pieces for every price range and style.

Framed family pictures laid out on one wall can make a lovely art piece in itself. Try white frames with each picture bordered by thick white card to give each photo breathing room.

Cushions, cushions, cushions! This is a great way to bring in pops of colour or print into your home. Weylandts always has an array of cushions to choose from. You can even change out your cushions seasonally to bring in a fresh feel without having to spend too much money.cushions

Paint is a great way to make your home unique and interesting. Dulux brought out a new app called Dulux Visualizer which gives you the ability visualise what your wall will look like. You can pick a colour and hold your phone towards the wall you would like to paint. Buying a small, sample-size pot of paint and painting a small section of the wall is another great way to test out colours, and will give you a better indication than just a swatch or card. Always remember that paint dries darker so keep that in mind when picking a colour.

Lastly your finishes. These are the seemingly unnoticeable things in your home that can take it to the next level. Door handles, crown mouldings, cased openings, light fixtures, taps and faucets – these are all little insights into you and your home that make the loudest statement. Finishes will always make the biggest difference.light fixtures

So there you have it, a few small tips to get that curated feel that only magazines are made of.


Daniella is an all-round creative working in the realms of social media, advertising and fashion. She loves to bring her keen eye for style and trends to the home and interior landscape as a hobby when she’s not sipping tea or hanging out with her pugs.

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