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Gloss, Eggshell and Primers – Learning paint speak

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Gloss, eggshell and primer paints are among the most used paints out there. But what exactly should each of these be used for? If you’re not a paint aficionado you’re probably not aware of all the things that you can paint with these paints. Here is a quick overview courtesy of Jack’s Paint & Hardware.

Gloss Paint

Perfect for painting interior wood, trim and metal, this type of paint is now also available in a water-based formula. It gives wood a hard wearing finish and metal a high gloss, brush-stroke free finish. As far as gloss paints are concerned, you get a water-based, non-drip enamel that is easy to apply and a water and steam resistant variant that is also available. This product can also be used to paint gypsum ceilings.

Eggshell Paint

Traditionally eggshell paint refers to an oil-based paint with a low sheen finish that is suitable for interior walls and woodwork that needs to be easily and regularly cleaned, such as kitchens and bathrooms. Eggshell paint is suitable for using on wood, metal and plaster, and is a good paint for plasterboard.

Primer Paint

Nearly all bare surfaces need priming first and this is done, not only to seal the bare surface so that the topcoat paint does not sink in, but also to help the paint adhere properly and to create a protective layer. There are many different primers that are available for different surfaces: wood, metal, plaster, tiles and supawood – in both water-based quick drying and solvent-based versions. It is important to use the correct primer for the job to achieve the best finish, but there are also some ‘all-purpose primers’ available which are designed for two or more of these surfaces.

Different Paints for Different Applications

There are many other uses for paints other than the above household applications. These include numerous industrial uses and there is usually a paint that is best for each application.

Industrial paints are manufactured to meet a wide variety of needs:

  • Cement and floor coatings;
  • Marine paints and swimming pool paints;
  • Automotive coatings and machinery coatings.

Other Specialised Coatings available are:

  • Industrial clear coating – e.g. high traffic decking / flooring.
  • High temperature coating – e.g. engines / stoves / machinery of any sort.
  • Non-skid coating – non-slip flooring – e.g. in workshops / around pools / tiles verandas.
  • Rust preventative coatings – to apply after removing all visible and loose rust.
  • Aluminium, zinc and fiberglass primers – e.g. boat repairs.
  • Anti-graffiti coating – necessary in today’s society.
  • Salt water resistant coatings – invaluable for use near the coast.

If you’re in need of any of these paints or are looking for some painting advice, don’t hesitate to visit your nearest Jack’s Paint & Hardware store.


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