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Talk among giants

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Negotiation touches every part of our lives. Relationships in business and in our personal lives are negotiated. And the skills to do it effectively can often mean the difference between getting what you want or losing out. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!

In the first section of the book, How to be a Great Negotiator, written by property economist, investor and developer Neville Berkowitz, the characteristic traits of a great negotiator are explored in short, bite-sized nuggets of advice.

Over the next 132 days, we will bring you the traits needed to succeed at the art of negotiating.

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45 Expertise

If you are negotiating about a product or service, the expertise you offer should be first-rate, up-to-date, and of a high industry standard. Expertise is quality “niche knowledge” you possess that empowers others. It is earned and maintained by you doing your homework and applying your knowledge in an ongoing manner. That is how you become and remain fluent and accomplished – an expert – in your particular area.

Your expertise gives you authority and confidence, and makes you a better negotiator. And it rises in value in a negotiation when you can show the other party how your product or service meets their essential needs or serves their essential goals.

Developing real expertise in your area about your service or product is essential to being a successful negotiator. Your combination of expertise and performance skills in your niche market increases your value, respect, and authority in a negotiation. In the end, your expertise – or lack of it – is often the decisive factor in a negotiation.

Many people try to succeed in a negotiation with smoke and mirrors, with faux expertise, faking knowledge they don’t really have, playing fast and loose with statistics or facts, and making a flashy show of bits and pieces they understand, while hiding and trying to avoid areas of ignorance or incompetence. But this is mere laziness and lack of integrity that will sooner or later work against them.

Doing the diligent work required to gain real expertise will always serve you in the short- and long-term. If possible do things that make your expertise well known, such as give lectures or speeches on the subject, write articles for local and national exposure, etc.


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