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Clever ideas to maximise small spaces

It is by no means pleasurable to return to a cluttered and overcrowded space. To alleviate part of that nightmare without having the extra bill of footing an extension to your existing architectural plan, here are some interior design ideas to create space.

Optical illusions achieved by your colour choices

An intelligent starting point would be a reconsideration of your existing colours. Deep and dark colours tend to create a ‘dungeon-like’ feel to any space, so why not consider going for those soft, clear pastels to give your space a sense of openness? Bear in mind that deep, dark and warm colours (in their fullest colour intensity) have an advancing effect on the eye, while light, pale and cool colours are renowned for their receding qualities. The latter colours would therefore be the best options if the desired objective is that of opening up a small space. The ceilings too can benefit from this concept by maintaining the traditional white or off-white paint colours to give the illusion of expansiveness. When you are painting your room the next time, consider using the existing wall colour on your ceiling’s lattices and cornices to incorporate a sense of additional height being added to that small engulfing wall space.

interior decorating2 resizeDeclutter

Do you really need all those items and odd accessories that are taking away so much of the room’s space? Disproportional wall hangings and protruding furnishings all eat into valuable floor space. Sift through all the goods in your room and keep only those you really use and truly enjoy – find a decent disposal such as a charity for the rest or look into using them in other rooms of the house.

Electronic storage

Are you aware that with modern technological developments, most of the records you keep in those many folders can be stored as electronic files on disc or computer? This could be extremely beneficial for those with limited office and home study facilities. Have you considered wall-mountable shelving alternatives to take away all those piles that are lying around your precious working area and consuming so much space?

interior decorating3Dual-purpose furniture

Modern furnishing options have been devised as a result of ergonomic designers being aware of limited spaces in modern architectural environments. Imagine the amount of space you could save in any given space through utilising ‘2-in-1’ intelligent furniture, such as an ottoman seat with a ‘flip-top lid’ that gives you additional storage space, or a lounge sofa that offers a built-in ‘fold-up bed’ option

Magical mirrors

Have you ever considered incorporating mirrors in your décor scheme to capitalise on their reflectance qualities? If the space allows you to add this accessory, ensure you use one with a thin frame that sits comfortably on the walls of your small room’s space. Mirrors are great for reflecting light in the room and for echoing your colour and pattern scheme within the space. Speaking of light reflectance, consider incorporating additional light sources to your room through down-lights and spot-lights which intelligently work best in limited spaces as opposed to those lamps that consume your precious surface space.

interior decorating4 resizeLet in the light

Get rid of visual obstructions such as furnishings positioned in front of light sources, especially windows. For rooms where privacy is not a major concern, heavy curtains could be replaced by sheer, lace fabrics that are tied back by day to maximise on natural light entering the room. For rooms where privacy is essential, blinds with louvers that can be adjusted accordingly can also be considered for use.

Keep it simple

In small spaces, avoid an ensemble of accessories such as floor tiles, rugs, carpets, picture frames, paintings and all those fabric designs that are multi-coloured and multi-patterned. Such designs tend to jump out in any design scheme and are certainly not visually pleasing.

interiordecorating5 resizeOptical illusion

What then can one recommend for wall accessories? Hanging a framed picture or painting with an outdoor scene can expand the look of your space optically and psychologically. Think of the expansiveness you could envision by putting up a work of art that depicts a scene of an open garden being viewed from an open window or a beautiful vista of a rather distant horizon.

There are so many ways to deceive the human eye when it comes to opening up a given space in interior design. It is amazing to know just how this can be achieved by simply using a variety of intelligent decorating techniques without physically adding that extra square meter to your space.


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