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Draw them in with goodness

Negotiation touches every part of our lives. Relationships in business and in our personal lives are negotiated. And the skills to do it effectively can often mean the difference between getting what you want or losing out. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate!

In the first section of the book, How to be a Great Negotiator, written by property economist, investor and developer Neville Berkowitz, the characteristic traits of a great negotiator are explored in short, bite-sized nuggets of advice.

Over the next 132 days, we will bring you the traits needed to succeed at the art of negotiating.

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52 Goodwill

Can you be kind, respectful, even gracious, to the people you interact with daily, both in and out of negotiations? Can you be supportive and empowering, both verbally and nonverbally? Can you engage others with genuine interest, consideration and concern? Can you look for and find the good in others, and let them know the good that you see in them? Can you wish the best for others, and support them in looking for ways to achieve that for themselves? Can you do all the above as a practice, until it becomes an automatic habit – even second nature?

All the above qualities and practices are the essence of goodwill. And if you practice goodwill, if you shine it on others, it will increasingly radiate from you like an inner light. It will draw others to you and enhance all your personal and business relations.

Goodwill is the honey that attracts positive interest and nourishes relationships. It is an essential quality of a great negotiator. Showing goodwill to all, with a friendly word or smile, a kind or helpful gesture, an empowering or compassionate remark, will increase your happiness, well-being, and prosperity in life. By practicing goodwill as a negotiator, you will achieve more positive outcomes and make allies, associates, and even friends of many of those sitting on the other side of the negotiating table.

Many negotiations progress or bog down, succeed or fail, based on the presence or absence of simple goodwill.

When you enter a negotiation in the spirit of goodwill, warmth and light from your being permeate the room. Even if they are not consciously aware of it, the other party often senses this. An authentic goodwill presence elevates the atmosphere of the room and often lifts a negotiation above the friction level of seemingly conflicting interests. It inspires a desire to know, cooperate with, and even be liked and respected by the person from whom such goodwill emanates. If you emanate goodwill, others will tend to like, trust, and be intuitively drawn to you in a negotiation.


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