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How to waterproof revamped pot plant containers

How often have you spent a weekend scrubbing down and repainting old asbestos or cement pot plant containers to give them a new lease of life, only to be disappointed a few months down the line because the outside of the pot has become discoloured and your carefully applied paint job is peeling?

The solution

This no longer will be a problem if you seal the inside of your containers with a product building industry chemical maker, A.Shak calls Tileloc. The waterproofing bonding agent is a milky white liquid that is very easy to use. It will waterproof the inside of your revamped pots and prevent any ugly discolouration on the outside caused by water seepage and peeling paint.

How to use it

pot plants2 resizeEnsure that all surfaces to be painted are free of any loose particles, crumbling or flaking material, grease, dust or polish. It is a good idea to use a wire brush on the area to ensure all loose debris is removed. Now all you need to do is simply mix 2 parts cement with 1 part A.Shak’s Tileloc so that it becomes a paintable paste and paint 2 coats on the inside of the prepared pot surface with a paintbrush. You can now have fun and get creative on the outside of your pots as you can be confident that any labour intensive paint techniques you may be using will last until you feel like a change again. Make sure that the paint you use on the outside of the container is U.V resistant – especially if it is one of the darker shades that is prone to fading if exposed to prolonged sunshine.

Any one of the trained staff at your local Jack’s Paint & Hardware Store will be able to advise you on the best paint product to use as well as ensure you have paintbrushes, sandpaper, paint appropriate cleaner, masking tape and all the other annoying little bits you may forget in your rush to get creative!painted pots resize



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