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A Passover favourite: Matzo balls and chicken soup

With Passover fast approaching what better time to start planning all the family favourites. I use my own chicken soup recipe and Gloria Rootshtain’s matzo ball (kneidlach) recipe, for perfect, fluffy matzo balls, from Cooking with a Connoisseur. When Gloria says her recipe produces 14 matzo balls, that is precisely what it does.

Chicken Soup

1 whole chicken

1 chicken cube

3 stalks celery

2 cups butternut

6 carrots

1 onion

2 litres water

Method: Place all ingredients into a large pot with water to cover and simmer on a medium heat for two hours. Replenish water as needed during the cooking process. Once the matzo balls are ready to place in a liquid, remove chicken from the pot, liquidize the vegetables and replace in the pot, giving you a golden chicken soup. Liquidizing the soup is an optional step but one I use so as not to waste the vegetables.

Then cook the matzah balls in the soup as per Gloria’s instructions. (The boiled chicken with a few carrots is delicious to eat on its own at this stage.)

Passover Matzo Kneidlach

200ml (3/4 cup) unbeaten eggs (3 large)

200ml (3/4 cup) ice cold chicken fat

200ml (3/4 cup) iced water

5ml (1 tsp) salt

3ml (1/2 tsp) sugar

150g (2 ½ cups) (5oz) matzo meal

2 litres (3 ½ pt) strong chicken stock

3 ml (1/2 tsp) ground cinammon

Method: The method is very important. Please follow every step in order to achieve good results. The same cup measure must be used for the eggs, chicken fat and water.

In a large bowl, place the eggs, chicken fat, iced water, salt, sugar and cinnamon. Add 500ml (2 cups) matzo meal. With a wire whisk briskly blend all ingredients together.

Slowly add the remaining matzo meal, folding in until well blended. Cover bowl and place in a refrigerator for a few hours.

With wet hands divide the matzo mixture into 14 equal portions and roll into firm balls each the size of a golf ball.

Bring stock to the boil. Add the matzo balls. Cover with lid. Boil on high heat for a few minutes. Reduce heat and simmer gently for approximately 30 minutes. The kneidlach should now be the size of a tennis ball, light and fluffy and a delight to eat!

Allow at least 2 per serving with the soup.







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