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Beware of Home Affairs impersonators, ADT warns

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Ahead of the 2016 local government elections, ADT Security is warning against impersonators, trying their luck by posing as officials from the department of Home Affairs.

A number of reports have been received about a group of impersonators going around to homes pretending to be officials from Home Affairs. They carry documents with the letterhead of the department and claim they are there to confirm that everyone has a valid ID document ahead of the upcoming elections.

Theunis Kotze, ADT Security General Manager Inland region, says this is a complete scam and their aim is to rather burgle your property. The Sandton Community Police Forum has also confirmed that there is no initiative like this from government.

Kotze says it is imperative for homeowners to take certain precautions, to not let their guard down and be taken in by such scams. Domestic staff should also be fully briefed and warned not to allow strangers onto your property. “If you are expecting workmen/contractors or deliveries please ensure you brief your domestic ahead of time,” he says.

“If you feel something is out of place, report it to the SAPS or your security provider immediately,” he concludes.


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  • junito ycong 12th April 2016

    Thank you for the information and sharing this!

  • ERNEST 10th May 2016

    Thax vermach this krocks the need to be panish

  • Rob Mousley 10th June 2016

    Hi Guys, I wish you’d do some research before posting this. It’s a rumour that has been passed around the Internet for years and does not seem to have any recent or direct relevance. By all means issue a warning against letting strangers onto properties, but the specific warning about home affairs/ID checking is not real. And the problem is that when an “authority” like you issues this warning, it raises fear and panic and another round of rumours.

    Either find substantiation (like a credible news story of a specific incident) or don’t issue vague warnings.

    Thank you.