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How to avoid ugly in your home

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When it comes to decorating our homes we all get grandiose ideas and plans that we want to put into motion. Nevertheless, there are a few costly mistakes you can make that you’re certain to regret.

Big DIY projectsdining room table

Reupholstering a chair or building your very own dining room table may seem like a fun idea and will certainly make for a fun Pinterest board. Yet we often tend to lose steam on these sorts of projects and one small mistake can put us off the whole process, leaving us with half-finished junk cluttering our homes. So, unless you’re a known DIY king or queen, leave this to the experts and take that beloved chair/couch to get reupholstered by a professional – and please, for the sake of everyone around you, buy a dining room table.

Trendydated and old furniture

Stay away from any sort of buzz word or trend floating around the decor world because, unless you’re a billionaire and redoing your home every six months sounds like a fun idea, stick to the classics. Going for trends will leave you with a dated looking home that you cannot afford to redo. If you would like to play with trends keep it to small accents in the home that can be moved in an out: affordable art, cushions, little bowls and ceramics, vases, photo frames and lamps.

Very light or pure white upholsterychic living

As amazing as this might seem, a crisp, blank canvas on which to build your Eden is a very impartial design choice to keep clean. Even if it’s in the “special room” which isn’t a modern way of laying out a house anymore, one guest with a glass of red can destroy it. Besides, all well-intentioned food-free, feet-off-couch rules will begin to slip away over time.

Busy wallpaper or super bright paint colours

Bold colours and prints in spaces where you spend a lot of time can be something you will quickly grow tired of. It is also very limiting in terms of how to furnish your home and will tie you into a very certain set of furniture choices. However, if the idea really appeals to you and you have that eccentric side, scatter it around the house in smaller rooms such as the guest bathroom or the walk-in closet (if you have one).

Sharp-edged tables

This can be hazardous with little ones running around. So, if this is the case in your home, avoid glass or brass edged tables. Fear not though as that doesn’t mean that squishy ottomans and heavy round wood tables are your only decor choice. Just do a “graze test” before purchasing the table. If you walk past a corner and immediately fear an open wound then try to look for an alternative.

Uncomfortable dining chairs

This may seem obvious, however, most people don’t make the right decisions when it comes to buying dining chairs. You need to sit in them and give them a test: slouch, stretch, cross your legs and everything in between, to see how long you can really stay in that chair.

Fluffy long pile or shag rugsshag rugs

As cosy and wonderful as it might seem, think middle-American ranch. These carpets tend to age badly, lose fluff, get matted fibres, and wear down in places. They’re also extremely difficult to clean and are major dust trappers.

Happy decorating!


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