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How to choose a wall colour that makes your artworks pop

Selecting artwork for your home can be a labour of love. Whether it’s an original painting or drawing, a mass-produced print or a wonderful photograph, your art helps to tell a story and define your style.

Painting your walls to complement your artwork

Before you think it’s best to leave your walls white so that they don’t take away from your newly acquired work of art, think about this: colour brings out colour. In the case of black and white art, colour brings out detail. If you’ve put careful thought into selecting and arranging your pieces, then it only makes sense to put the same amount of consideration into choosing a terrific background.

Colour – or not

artwork3 resizeThere are some paint colours that will work well with your wall art and some that won’t. Neutrals will add colour to your room without taking attention away from what is featured on the walls. Think beyond beige, camel, taupe and the many shades of white and consider neutral greys as well. All colours come in both warm and cool tones and these neutrals will work well with more classic paintings.

Modern art is generally strong in both design and colour and can usually handle a bold background colour. Consider each piece of artwork and choose a colour you would enjoy in your room that will also make your wall art “pop”. When you display art in any room, you want the artwork itself to be the focal point, not the paint colour of the wall. Experiment with sample pots of colour or put your artwork against a background close to the colour you have in mind using items that you have such as a bright sarong or throw to get an idea of how the colours will work together.

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