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Do you really know what’s going on in your suburb?

Suburbs experience a lifecycle of birth, growth and stabilisation – and whether they suffer an early demise and decay, or continued health, is up to micro and macro factors.

Knowing where a suburb is in its lifecycle determines the present and likely future value of homes, as well as rentals payable now and likely in the future.

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In the past, home buyers, sellers and tenants used their “gut feeling” to determine where to live. However, in a rapidly changing socioeconomic and political landscape in South Africa it is imperative to know as much as possible about where you and your family will be laying your roots – either temporarily or permanently.

This is nowSI amenities list with distance on left pane and category selection on right

For the first time South Africans don’t have to guess the viability, health and future value of the suburb in which they are investing. Thanks to Suburb Intelligence, produced by residential market educator HomeTimes.co.za, this free tool brings invaluable suburb information to your cellphone, tablet or desktop.

“Suburb Intelligence is produced in a written and graphical format as well as an interactive map which is navigable via an interface showing all the information you need as an existing or potential homeowner, investor and tenant in a suburb,” says Mariette Steynberg, a qualified and experienced development economist, who heads the project. “It’s all there for investigation: growth, decay, crime info, work, shopping, medical, educational facilities, properties for sale and for rent, new homes being built, where to go for a quick lunch or which parks to enjoy for a Sunday picnic.”

Buying or renting? Now access allSI portal links to properties in suburbs available for sale and rent

Access every property for sale or for rent in each suburb from all the major property portals via Suburb Intelligence on HomeTimes.co.za – and use Suburb Intelligence to assist your house hunting efforts.

“Participating estate agencies also have the opportunity to add value to their own websites by white labelling HomeTimes’ Suburb Intelligence as well as its content – adding a further, complementary, service to their current and potential home buyers, sellers, investors and tenants,” says HomeTimes.co.za director, David A Steynberg. “These estate agencies are able to use HomeTimes’ Suburb Intelligence in the suburbs in which they operate to exclusively show only their current homes for sale or rent, as well as to highlight their selling prowess by putting up a virtual ‘Sold!’ board on those homes successfully transferred. It will soon become evident who the top estate agencies are in the suburb by their ‘Sold’ flags on the suburb’s interactive map.”

HomeTimes’ Suburb Intelligence brings together the efforts of a team of eight researchers which updates the database each working day and will bring South Africans more than 1,000 South African suburbs by early 2017.

Best of all? It’s free to the public!

Simply visit www.suburbs.hometimes.co.za to get to know your suburb in greater detail than you ever thought possible. Contact HomeTimes director, David A Steynberg (email david@hometimes.co.za), if you’re an Estate Agency Principal interested in participating.


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