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Got gas? Here’s how to comply

A gas certificate of compliance is required when a property is transferred which has a gas installation. This is according to MC van der Berg Attorneys which says the gas certificate does not lapse except if the installation is altered. It is, however, advised that gas connections have to be replaced every five years; this implies a new certificate will be issued every five years.

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When assessing the installation the accredited gas installer will look at the SANS codes which require the following:

  1. If you have your gas bottlecontained within a gas cage, then the top of the gas bottle may be 300mm below the window (a 19kg bottle is between 800mm to 900mm tall).
  2. If you do not wish to install a gas cage then the top of the gas bottle must be 3m below the window.

  3. If you can find a position that is not below a window then the distance from a door or window must be 1m or more.
  4. The distance to open drain or gulley must be 2m or more (LP gas is heavier than air so if it leaks it will gather in drains or gullies because it sinks).

  5. The distance to any electrical source of ignition must be 5m or more (examples are pool pumps, aircon pumps, motor, electric fence, etc).
  6. Your bottle must sit on a firm, raised-level base (concrete or bricks).
  7. The distance below an electrical source of ignition must be 1,5m or more (even light fixtures).


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