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Meaty investment opportunity on the Orange River

HOPETOWN FARM (1)An agricultural property, situated on the banks of the Orange River, about 10km from Hopetown in the Northern Cape has come on the market. The farm consists of 10 portions that make up just over 1,119ha of which 65% is under irrigation. In addition to the water rights in place from the Orange River, the farm has already got various domestic and commercial use infrastructure in place.

Tinus Schutte, Seeff agent marketing the property, said that irrigated farms along the Orange River are some of the most sought after agricultural properties and for obvious reasons seldom come onto the market. It is expected that the property will fetch R400m, given its size and the infrastructure included in the price.

The sale is ideally suited to corporate investors or a trust or company fund with a number of investors. “There are actually a number of opportunities within this property,” said Schutte. “Considering that it is made up of t10 portions, these could for example, be bought separately.”

Schutte explained that, given the current pressure on food producers and the ever-increasing demand for high-potential agricultural land with access to water sources, this purchase could be viewed as an investment opportunity. “Prices of farms in sought-after areas have practically doubled over the last three years,” said Schutte. “Farm prices are also not likely to come down, even amidst the drought and economic challenges. So your investment would be quite safe.”

Photo: View of the farm for sale near Hopetown in the Northern Cape, available through Seeff.

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