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Decorating your kid’s room is child’s play

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Children love their bedrooms – it is the one space in a home that is truly theirs. It needs to be a space in which your little one feels comfortable to learn through play and to go find comfort when the rest of the world is getting too big.

Whether you are revamping your tot’s room or preparing for a new baby, HomeTimes has some advice on making it a truly magical space.

A lick of paintChildren's room with fun paint and wall paper

Painting a room can make a remarkable difference. If your kiddo is old enough you could ask them what colour room they want. My little girl’s favourite colour is green, and although you wouldn’t necessarily paint the room apple green, floor to ceiling, there are definitely ways to incorporate it into the room’s décor.

A ceiling is often ignored. If the space is big enough you could consider a calming neutral for the walls and paint the ceiling with green stripes, for example; or do one wall in a chevron pattern with the colour of your choice. There are endless fun designs with geometrical shapes: maybe paint the bottom half of the wall with thick stripes in the colour of your, or rather your child’s, choice leaving the top half bare. You could also colour block the room by painting square segments of the room’s walls in a few complementary colours. This creates a fun space that still has an atmosphere of style and calmness.

Another way to incorporate the ceiling into the design of your child’s bedroom is to give them the sky, literally. Paint the ceiling a light blue and use stencils, sponges or wall art to imitate the clouds.

You could also go all-out and paint the room in a bright colour of your choice and then use matching wallpaper to create interest.

Paint not your thing?Wall stickers and pretty rug

If you are renting your current home or just feel that the space is too small for extravagant paint jobs then there are other trends available to you.

The first thing that comes to mind is using beautiful wall decals or stickers to spruce up the room. Some home décor shops sell wall stickers in store, however if you want access to basically any theme you can think of it’s best to take your search online. A simple Google search reveals multiple online shops. I enjoyed exploring Sticky Things‘ website; they have beautiful Confetti Polka Dot wall stickers or Batman decals available from between R457 to R467 for enough stickers to cover a 2m x 2m wall, if applied properly.

All of these online shops deliver anywhere in South Africa (make sure you know the delivery costs before ordering) and provide clear instructions and troubleshooting information.

Another option available is to just make your own art. Makro’s Fiesta colour range frames, retailing for R89 each, will add a splash of happy colour to the room and makes displaying your art easy. If the brightly coloured frames clash with the rest of the room’s colour choices consider plain white frames which you could then paint in suitable colours or leave white for the art to do the talking. It may also be worth your while to rummage second-hand shops for frames at a steal.

Pinterest has many fun arts and crafts ideas that you can do with your toddler. We recently made our own 3D hand art. Your child will love looking at the artworks displayed beautifully knowing they made it. It will provide endless delight while building confidence!

For younger children you can use beautiful pages out of a magazine or gift paper/boxes. These designs are so beautiful and when framed look like expensive art at a fraction of the cost.

When putting up the artwork please make sure it is secured properly, especially in a busy toddler’s room, and put it on their eye level. Just think, you would find it quite inconvenient and rather rude if someone hung wall art for your enjoyment a metre too high and you had to constantly crank up your neck to see it.

Getting practicalToy storage.resize

For your sanity, as well as to keep the room you’ve just beautifully decorated looking good, you need to have appropriate storage solutions in place. Displaying all of your child’s toys will create chaos. We bought this raw pine toy box from Ericssons Matress & Pine. You can stain it in the colour you want in one afternoon, and put cushions on it to create a favourite reading nook. Now we store toys and rotate every now and again. It keeps my little girl entertained and keeps her room neat. There are a variety of storage solutions to fit every space and budget.

For book storage you could use this rain gutter idea or sturdy floating shelves like the ones available from Builder’s Warehouse. Just make sure to put them up at the right level for your child to avoid sore bumps and scratches.

Another really easy way to make a child’s room look beautiful is by adding a pretty or fun rug. Mr Price Home sells gorgeous, affordable rugs; or if your child is obsessed with anything with wheels, like my little girl is, then you should consider the road map sold at Builder’s for R320/m. It’s fairly wide so will function great as a playmat while adding fun character to the room.

Inspiring creativityToddler in front of mirror, chalk board

In all of this I like to remember that the space I am creating is my little girl’s; tied closely to this is the need to make it a space that inspires creativity and imagination in a child. For younger babies just becoming mobile, having a mirror at eye level can entertain for hours. You can use a cheap mirror repurposed from somewhere else in the home – we painted our old bathroom mirror’s wooden frame blue with green polka dots. Babies love looking at themselves and as your baby grows into a toddler you can encourage dress-up games in front of the mirror.

Adding a chalk wall to a child’s room is also a fun and practical way to encourage creativity. Painting with chalk is tricky so have a look at this video before you start.

There are so many fun and practical ideas. Including your older toddler in the decorating of the bedroom will create happy memories while being a great learning activity; there are also few things as happy as decorating a new nursery with your partner. Most of all, remember to have fun!

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