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Fourways Mall redevelopment to boost housing market

May FourwaysThe upgrade to Fourways Mall has been touted as a catalyst to house price growth in Johannesburg’s northern suburbs as demand for housing in the area increases.

“As the dust settles, Fourways will take on its own persona as a northern ‘Sandton’,” said Tyson Property Gauteng manager, Jonathan Davies. “The addition of commercial and residential property will create another central node and cater for those living and working close-by.”

The investment into Fourways Mall will see the popular centre cover 175,000m² by mid-2018, with Davies saying the Fourways Mall had “set the ball in motion and was followed by Monte Casino, Cedar Square and new developments further north and that Fourways now forms a central hub for residential and commercial interests”.

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“After the redevelopment, property values will rise as people move to the northern parts of Johannesburg,” he said.

Photo: A beautiful Fourways home

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