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How-to guide: Happy Huskies in sunny SA

One of the oldest dog breeds, Siberian Huskies, have been around for about 3,000 years. Huskies were originally bred in the freezing cold environment of Siberia. Their coats protect them from the unthinkably cold temperatures faced there.

Here are some handy tips to help you keep your Husky happy in sunny South Africa

#1 Keep away the clippers

Your fist instinct may be to try keep your Husky comfortable by shaving its coat, don’t! The thick coat actually insulates the Husky from direct heat and allows for temperature regulation. Without it your Husky may become very sensitive to the heat of the sun.

Remember: Unlike humans, dogs do not sweat and release heat from their skin, they cool down by panting.

#2 Exercise at dawn and duskshutterstock_317423309

At these times the day is at its coolest and naturally most comfortable for  both you and yoru Husky to go for a run.

#3 Provide a cool environment

Just like humans, Huskies enjoy pleasantly cool places to chill out. Try to provide a space where your Husky has access to a fan or air conditioning and always make sure cool drinking water is available.

Fun Idea: Make a giant doggie ice lolly on really warm days! Simply freeze water in a 2l ice cream container and break it out on the patio. Your dog will love playing with and licking the frozen treat!

A kiddie pool will also be enjoyed. Simply fill it up and place in a shady spot for you Husky to cool off in.

#4 Use wooden doggie beds

Concrete floors and brick paving absorbs and radiates heat like crazy. Your Husky will be much happier with a bed on a sleeping area made of wood, or another material that does not retain so much warmth.

Sunny South Africa may be the very opposite of snowy Siberia, but with a little help from you your Husky can live happily and comfortably.

Thinking of adopting a Husky? Contact Husky Rescue SA   

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