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Need a plumber or electrician? How to separate the wheat from the chaff

The introduction of compliance certificate amendments, the need for solar powered additions and water restrictions have made it apparent for homeowners and estate agents alike to have good and reliable electricians and plumbers on standby.

This is not only necessary for compliance- and maintenance-related problems but for emergency situations as well. Safety in the home is a priority for most residents and selecting an electrician or plumber with a reputable track record is of utmost importance.

“The first thing to consider is contacting the necessary regulatory bodies, like the  Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa and Plumbing Industry Registration Board, to request the contact details of paid up members with a referable history,” says Richard Gray, CEO of Harcourts Africa. “This is always a good place to start, as members are guided by the ethics code of these bodies and are ultimately accountable for their actions because of their membership.”

Do your own diggingdoing online research

He adds that a thorough background check on the internet by locating their websites and taking a look at photographs of their recent work will give an idea of their competence levels, while testimonials or references will give an idea of their attention to customer service. HelloPeter will also provide insight into the what recent customers had to say, good or bad.

Here’s why you should never swear at a customer in an email

Another option is to post your requirements on social media community groups, such as those found on Facebook.

“Very often members of your community will provide you with the information of somebody they use and are satisfied with,” says Gray. “Always identify three companies in order to keep your options open and compare quotes.

“There are many very reliable electricians and plumbers that provide an excellent and transparent service, so be confident and at ease with your choice before letting someone into your home to do work.”


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