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10 YouTube gardening hacks anyone can do

YouTube has an endless array of gardening hacks, how-tos, tips, and tricks. The problem is, however, that there are countless videos of babies eating lemons and kittens cuddling; and before you know it you will be watching your 17th video of the dog that’s upset because his owner gave the bacon to the cat or tired moms performing Frozen parodies. Wait…have you seen the one about the friendly Alsatian dressed up as a spider? It scares people because the spider keeps chasing them since the dog just wants to cuddle. See what I mean?

Anyway, we at HomeTimes spent some time on YouTube, avoiding all the pitfalls of hilarity or ridiculous cuteness, and collected 10 of the best gardening videos you just have to see.

#1 Totally epic gardening hacks for every green thumb

Did you now that sprinkling some baking soda around your tomatoes will make them sweeter? Or that coffee grounds and egg shells provide extra nutrients to your plants while keeping unwanted insects at bay? This video also shows you what herbs and veggies you can grow from leftover store-bought cut-offs and has some great ideas for recycling and repurposing.

#2 How to grow a lot of food in a small gardenSmall space veggie gardening

This video shares nine tips for making the most of your garden space. It has some great tricks for achieving the best walking versus growing space and on how to rotate your crop effectively. Probably the most exciting tips are those that deal with vertical gardening and growing in pots – you can have a vegetable garden even on a balcony!

#3 How to plant a culinary herb garden! DIY Kitchen Garden

From what herbs to include in your garden to the varieties to look for when buying seedlings. This video shows you how to plant the perfect potted herb garden to delight in the kitchen. You will never have to buy herbs again.

#4 How to build a vertical herb planter

If space is a concern you might like a vertical herb planter more than the potted herb garden shown in the previous video. This video shows you how to build a practical, nice-to-look-at herb planter in one morning. View more detailed instructions here.

#5 How to build an urban hoop gardenhoop garden green house

This great little video shows you how to construct your own greenhouse or hoop garden, making year-round gardening possible. Leafy greens such as lettuce do especially well in these gardens during the colder months.

#6 Cheap DIY greenhouse irrigation

Really simple, affordable DIY irrigation system for your greenhouse. All you need are some PVC pipes and fittings, a drill, and funnels, and you’re good to go.

#7 How to start a flower gardenflowerbed

Whether you want to add to your existing garden, or start landscaping in an area that has no flower beds, this video details the tools you’ll need as well as the easy how-to, leaving you with a flower bed that will attract admiration and liven up any outside space.

#8 Tiny Williamsburg hipster garden

This Urban Gardener vlog episode shows a beautiful, yet functional tiny rooftop garden. Every aspect of the garden serves both a practical function as well as creating beauty and peace for the owner. The rooftop was an area that was previously unused by the owners due to it being too hot and under the prying eyes of nosy neighbours. A planter wall creates privacy while vertical vines turn the hot rooftop into an oasis. These are all tips that can easily be applied to any small space.

#9 Gardening help: How to create a potted succulent garden

You can learn how to create the world in a pot. In this video we see how to create a beautiful, succulent garden with plants from different regions of the world, giving you enjoyment for years. Did you know that succulents do best in wide, low pots mimicking rock crevices? No? All the more reason you need to watch this before starting your garden.

#10 Cute miniature fairy garden – tutorial fairy garden

Who doesn’t want to believe in fairies? Invite some magic into your home by creating this beautiful miniature fairy garden. This is a labour of love: You will need some level of skill with modelling clay, or at least be willing to learn. The good thing is that this fun project really is open to your interpretation – go wild! Why not go big and move your fairy garden outside, but create an entire fairy town? So much wonderment in one garden!


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