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11 habits that will give you 25-hour days

With the requirements of modern living becoming more demanding daily time has become an even more precious commodity. This is especially true for young parents who need to divide their time between work and precious moments with children, each other and the elusive “me-time”

Tanya Kovarsky, mom-blogger at Rattle & Mum shares her best time-saving hacks with us; some tried and tested, others ambitious aspirations.

#1 Set your alarm an hour earlier

Getting up earlier means you will have some time to get your stuff ready for work and get a head-start on things for your kids. Or use the extra time to do some admin or read and answer emails. Better yet, have a cup of coffee, relax and prepare for the 7 AM dash! This lessens the mad morning rush and makes you feel more productive the rest of the day.

#2 Stick to a weekly grocery listShopping.resize

Try to limit shopping for perishables to once a week. Making a list and sticking to it will help you achieve this. Eventually a habit will form and you will no longer need more regular trips to the shops.

Top tip: Keeping lists and sticking to it doubles up as a money-saving hack as you buy only what you need and limit unnecessary shop runs.

#3 Try online shopping for the general household goods

Consider ordering goods such as the monthly cleaning products and general groceries from an online shop. Pick n Pay offers this and charges a minimal delivery fee – which still doesn’t come close to what you can save in time and stress by not going to a physical store.

#4 Use an Uber when you’re running on empty

If you are particularly busy at work and feeling the stress pile on consider taking an Uber to work. The morning commute can be used to answer emails and take care of urgent admin. You will like a superstar when you get to the office after accomplishing so much before your day has even started. As an extra you can just relax on your way home as you don’t have to deal with rush-hour traffic.

#5 Prep in advancePacking lunches.resize

This is not a new concept but not something we do regularly. Getting the kids’ bags and uniform ready, packing lunches and even setting out your own clothes the night before will save you time and stress in the morning.

#6 Just say no

This is easier said than done. Learn to prioritise what is most important to you. When you think about it, declining the invitation to lunch with your friends or not volunteering for that school committee just this once because you don’t have the time or energy really is okay.

#7 Make your doctor appointments for morningsPatients waiting for doctor

Often times the later in the day you go to your doctor the longer you wait. If possible, ask for an appointment for early in the day.

#8 Identify and address your biggest time wasters

Do you often find yourself looking at profile pictures dating back to 2008 of your old school friend? Or do you spend precious minutes looking for keys in the morning or deciding what to wear? Identify the things that take up unnecessary time and address them. Read a book instead of spending time on Facebook, put up a rack for your keys or get your outfit for the next day ready the day before.

#9 Cook freezer meals on the weekend

Meals such as lasagnes, stews, soups, chicken bakes all freeze well to be heated up when you are ready to eat it. By cooking double your recipe on a Sunday you are able to freeze more meals for the busy week.

#10 Keep easy snacks on handKids with snacks.resize

It has happened to all of us, fetch your child from school and then you have to stop at the shops because they are hungry or tired. Eliminate this silly time waster by having non-perishable snacks and bottle of water or juice boxes ready.

#11 Decide to go offline

Make a conscious decision not to reply to non-urgent Whatsapps or e-mails when it is family time. Instead make time to answer these messages in one sitting in the mornings. Quality family time always trumps non-critical messages.

How do you save precious time? Send your time-saving hacks to mariette@hometimes.co.za


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