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Colour your home tranquil

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Various shades of blue can be associated with tranquillity, confidence, power and stability. When wanting to spiff up any space in my home with new scatter cushions or vase I am always irrevocably drawn to shades of blue.

Helen Heenan Interiors colour inspiration

“Blue is such a good colour to have in one’s space – since it reflects the elements (water and the sky), it has a soothing effect on one’s psyche and blue also transcends cultures and styles. Think about the beautiful blues in Morocco and then cast your mind to the brilliant azures you see in Greece. I love this universality – and especially on the teal and turquoise aspects of the colour wheel. I’m crazy about everything from navy to teal and turquoise, especially when teamed with yellow.”

Using shades of blue in your home will create a soothing environment, a space that calms you no matter what your day was like, and there are so many gorgeous ways to incorporate the colour into your home.

#1 Dress your windows with itliving room with blue curtains

Using blue curtains in a room in your house will determine the mood of the space. Think using calm shades of turquoise or dug-egg blue in a baby nursery or blue and white café curtains in your kitchen. Here this beautiful shade of blue turns an otherwise bland and serious space into a stylish, inviting lounge.

#2 Splash your space with itblue on patio

A well thought-out placement of a scatter cushion or throw in the right place can change the entire look of the room you are decorating. A throw draped causally over the sofa creates comfort and cosiness whiles the luxurious cobalt blue pillows on the daybed surprises on the patio. If throws and scatter cushions aren’t your thing you can add a pretty vase with flowers in shades of blue or even a painting depicting a water scene.

#3 Bring it into the bedroomBlue in studio apartment

Whether you use different shades of blue to cosy up your tiny rented studio apartment, or one beautiful shade for the walls in your elegant master-bedroom. Blue can be used as a design element in any bedroom for any stage of life.

Blue in main bedroom

#4 Make it the starBlue couch focus of room

Why not make Blue the star in your room. This blue couch delights the eyes while being the anchor to a pretty, yet modern and functional space.


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