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Get the jump on spring

South Africans have been faced with extreme weather this past week. Today, as the sun peeks through in Gauteng, Helen Heenan Interiors reminds us why yellow is a great colour with which to decorate.

“I read somewhere recently that ‘It’s impossible to see yellow and not feel happy.’ This got me thinking. Yellow really is a happy colour. I think it really does make me happy to see pops of yellow here and there. Mood experts say that just like the sun, the colour yellow is indeed associated with cheerfulness, optimism, self-esteem, courage and energy. As we look forward to spring I challenge all of you to purposefully try to incorporate a pop of yellow into your lives…  Take control of your happiness!”

Here are 10 effortless ways to get your space spring-ready.

Know the psychology of the colour you want to decorate with

#1 Fresh coat of paintYellow walls

Probably the boldest way of incorporating yellow into your home is to paint a room in your favourite shade of happy.

This family increased the appeal of their formal living area by painting the room a warm buttery yellow, now anyone will feel at ease in the space.

#2 Increase the oomph of a focal pointYellow fireplace

If painting an entire room yellow is too big a step for you, consider painting an existing focal point in a bright shade of your favourite hue. Here the fireplace was painted yellow, making it the star of the space.

We also love the idea of painting the door or window frames yellow. In a child’s bedroom or guest bathroom it may even be fun leaving the walls neutral and painting the ceiling yellow.

#3 Be bold in your furniture choicesYellow couch

You may not be able to paint, but why not consider making bold decisions with your next big furniture purchase? This yellow couch is so striking and lovely in the space it was bought for. And don’t worry, with the right choice of accessories it is beautiful in all seasons.

#4 Walking on sunshineYellow rug

A cheaper option for incorporating the colour in you home décor is to buy a rug. Here the yellow rug delights the eye and seems to enlarge the bedroom.

This concept can be just as easily used in your TV or dining room.

#5 Repurpose old furnitureYellow table

Maybe buying new furniture doesn’t fit into your mid-year budget. It’s easy to give an existing side table (or other small furniture piece) a facelift. The friendly guys at your nearest DIY or paint store will be only too happy to give you the advice you need. This is a weekend project; by Monday your space will look brand new.

#6 Take it outsideYellow flowers

Ensure that your garden is ready for spring with pretty yellow flowers. Once they are in full bloom you can pick some from your own garden. Nothing as rewarding as enjoying the fruits of your labour!

#7 Opt for yellow on the wallsYellow art

Here the yellow artwork beautifully brightens the space. You can even incorporate yellow into your family photo wall by looking for yellow photo frames, or paint some old ones! The great thing is, with a bit of practice and playing you can create the art yourself!

#8 Decorate with natureDecorate with lemons

Here function and beauty merges perfectly. Using lemons and limes as a piece of art in your kitchen or dining area will not only look great but also release a beautiful fresh, natural fragrance into the space. Added bonus is that they will be in easy reach whenever you need them!

#9 Venture into unexpected spacesshutterstock_391452844

You do not need to restrict use of the colour yellow to the more ‘traditional’ spaces and baby rooms haven’t been decorated in only pink or blue since the 1990s…

This modern yellow, black and white baby nursery is absolutely gorgeous and will transition easily into a toddler room and beyond.

#10 Thrill your guestsshutterstock_243333124

Even if you are completely in love with your home as is, you can still welcome in yellow. Next time you are entertaining use different shades of yellow for your table setting. Your guests will feel energetic and talkative – always good signs for a party!

Whatever your budget or tastes, yellow is as versatile as it is happy.

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