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How I refurbished my house: Montessori-inspired toddler room

Mother of four boys, Marinda and her hubby, who own a local pub in Blouberg, bought an old, dilapidated six-bedroom house which had been used as a swimming school by the previous owner.

Over the next few weeks we will be cataloguing their journey of transforming the house from unfit-for-purpose, to versatile, comfortable and homely family living.

For the toddler’s room, I wanted to do a Montessori inspired room where everything is low and easily accessible to him. My favourite part is probably the rope carpet, I totally fell in love with the idea and had to make one myself! It is a braided long rope that I sewed together to make a large round circle. It was by far the biggest challenge but so worth it!Rope carpet set

HomeTimes found this  how-to video for you to make your own rope carpet.

We reused the existing cupboard doors but we primed and painted it in white. We also added tiny little magnets inside, so that doors close neatly and gently every time.floors and closet set

Top tip: Take a permanent marker and mark the bottom of each cupboard door and make notes- for example, I do alphabetically clock wise- especially the old cupboards fit only in a specific spot- that way you’re not confused by the time you have to rehang the doors.

DIY creates magic, affordablydecor set

My son already showed a love of all things automotive, so I chose cars and planes and rockets,  but I did want a theme that could last more than a year so we avoided the typical baby room. I copied images I liked that I found on Google and painted it on the doors- I mix acrylic glaze into acrylic paint, that way it’s washable and durable.

The wooden numbers I had cut at a local laser printing company. The space themed canvasses I hand painted myself and once again, I based it on images I found on Google. One mistake, although I love it, I really wanted the curtains to be light and bright, especially since the walls were a solid colour- my husband constantly complains that it doesn’t darken the room enough!

As a family we all love salt lamps- I added a salt lamp, as well as this beautiful star shaped light that I bought of Mr Price Home for dirt cheap. My mother-in-law made the bedding after finding a light colour fabric with cars, bikes and planes on it.

Beautiful practicalityPractical set

Because we wanted him to be able to reach everything he needs on his own we placed the hooks behind the door low and in his reach.

I’m trying my best to foster a love of reading for all of my children, so the teepee is a cool little spot for him to lie in with a book or two.

The book shelves are the one thing that I would change if I could- we used a 3cm cube wooden slat that is just not wide enough for the books to lean against the wall at an angle- I want to replace it with at least a 5cm minimum width. Initially I wanted to have a reading nook in the corner, so we suspended that beautiful mosaic glass lamp from the ceiling, although the teepee became the reading nook.

We tried our best to create a happy, colourful little space that he would enjoy spending time in. I think we succeeded as he absolutely loves it.

Last week we featured the refurbishment of Marinda’s teenage son’s room. You won’t believe that space used to be a change room!


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