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Recipes to fight the sniffles

Oh yes, this is the time of year when it seems everybody has the sniffles and certainly in my family we all had a turn with a cold or even worse, the flu!

I spent a whole weekend playing nurse to a sick husband and two teens. I must say, they were not the worse patients I could have had, but definitely a handful. I had all my days running between fetching tissues, making tea or hot chocolate to feeding the lot. Add a few visits to our GP just to make my already full programme extra ‘fun’.

Although sick children often lose their appetite, it is important that they take in fluids and something healthy before they swallow any medication. Even if they sip on a tiny cupful of soup, they will get enough vitamins and nutrients to help them get better sooner than expected!

Take in enough fluidsGinger and honey tea

Drinking enough helps to hydrate the body and water thins the mucus and flushes the system. Warm tea not only warms the body, but it is full of infection-fighting antioxidants.

Top tip: Stay away from sugary drinks even fruit juice that has added sugar, because sugar prevents the white blood cells from fighting the infections.

You can of course always try these smoothies. I sneaked in a few vegetables for added vooma!

SoupTom Yum Goong soup

Not only does it bring comfort and is literally like a hug-in-a-bowl, the warmth of the soup combats the forming of mucus. It also has anti-inflammatory properties. My favourite soup to have when I’m sick is this delicious Tom Yum Goong Soup.


Try and eat some protein, lean if possible. Protein is good for the white-blood cells which are the fighting cells. How about a delicious Toasted Cheese Sandwich? Any kid (young and old) will love it!

VegetablesRoasted veggies

Even a little goes a long way in restoring your health. Try some roasted vegetables – they are packed with flavour, crunch and goodness.

I really do hope you skip this winter’s dose of colds and flu. Stay warm.

Who is Nina Timm?

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