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Reinventing the cheese and tomato toastie

A good toasted cheese sandwich is unparalleled. Its delicious decadence is equally loved as a meal or in-between snack. It truly is the comfort food songs could be written about.

Nina Timm, from Easy cooking from Nina’s kitchen, puts a twist on her toasted cheese to make it worthy of being the star attraction the next time you have your friends over for lunch.

Toasted cheese, glorious cheese!Cheese

The recipe has no quantities but you will need:

  • Ciabatta
  • Olive oil
  • Tomatoes
  • White cheddar cheese – the stronger the better
  • Fresh thyme
  • Black pepper, and
  • Sea salt

Start by slicing the ciabatta lengthwise, brush with olive oil and toast lightly. Slice your tomatoes thinly and alternate the layers of tomato with cheese slices. You then sprinkle with fresh thyme, black pepper and sea salt, grill and serve on toasted ciabatta.

Nina’s taste buds thriller: If you like, add capers and a drizzling of lemon-infused olive oil for that little something extra.

Welcome Home, Nina

Nina Timm.resizeNina will be contributing recipes and food hacks for delicious entertaining on a regular basis to HomeTimes.

Not only is Nina a food stylist, photographer and chef, she is also a mother who understands that someone working full-time needs help in the kitchen. She gets that you are looking for recipes that are easy, affordable and delicious, exactly what inspired her to start Easy cooking from Nina’s kitchen.

Nina runs a successful cooking school from her studio at home and teaches a variety of techniques and cooking methods. At the moment she takes great pride in her classes for domestic workers and butlers that she runs every Saturday morning. Seeing her students’ passion and skills develop is the best kind of satisfaction.

She also travels throughout South Africa speaking and motivating students, children, ladies and corporate groups to not only be better cooks, but also become the best they can be!

Nina is happily married to Des (a former racing driver from PE) for the last 20 years and they have two beautiful children, Christopher and Chloe respectively 18 and 16 years old. They live in Pinelands, Cape Town.

In March 2014 Nina launched her first cookbooks, the titles are Easy Cooking from Nina’s Kitchen and Maklike Etes uit Nina se Kombuis. Nina’s blog is one of South Africa’s most popular; in 2012 she won the Eat Out / Foodnetwork award for best foodblog in SA. Nina also consults to several companies, developing recipes and inventing marketing concepts.Proposal Collage 2.resize

What else is Nina up to?

Catch up with Nina here:

Facebook: My Easy Cooking

Twitter: @ninatimm

Instagram: @easycooking

Pinterest: Nina Timm


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