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Seven ways to bring your living room into 2016

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Sometimes you just want to click the refresh button on your life. However, there isn’t always the time and money to do so. Do you look around your living room and think it’s a bit drab, worn and dated? Well, have no fear we have the tips and tricks to help you give it a little boost in time for spring.

#1 Add accent piecesAccent pieces in living room

This is such an easy way to update the look and feel of your space and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Mr Price Home is a great place to buy seasonal and interchangeable room accessories, such as bowls, rugs, throws, lamps and scatter cushions.

#2 Give your space some love

Giving your living room a spring clean is another easy way to refresh the space. Get into the corners and dust off all those cobwebs. Throw out old books, magazines, forgotten cables and cords. Scrub down all the surfaces and get your curtains dry cleaned. All these little touches will make your home feel refreshed and new.

#3 Buy a new area rugNice area rug

A rug is a perfect way to inject new life into your living room. Go for something with an interesting pattern. Colours and tones that appeal to you and fit in with the room can bring a punch to any space. Adding a wall to wall rug will make the room appear larger.

#4 Spruce up your couchNice couch

If your couch is looking a bit tired, you don’t need to say goodbye just yet, and buying a new couch can be expensive. Getting a couch reupholstered is a good option. There are a lot of upholsters that are reasonably priced, and you can pick a fabric within your budget. Chamdor in Deco Park has an amazing selection of interior fabrics.

#5 Bring in the light

Mirrors are an amazing way to maximise light and make your space feel big and bright. It will reflect the natural light and lift your mood.

#6 A new plasma unit

A new unit for your plasma is another great way to lift your living room. Mistry’s has an amazing selection of plain pine units that you can paint or stain to suit the look and feel of your room.

#7 FlowersFlowers in living room

Keeping beautiful vases of fresh flowers throughout the room will add a fresh feel to your space, and can be interchanged seasonally.

You don’t need to be afraid that every undertaking in your home is going to be a full renovation, pull-your-hair-out kind of project. Some things just need to be tackled in little bite size chunks in order to get a brilliant result.


Daniella is an all-round creative working in the realms of social media, advertising and fashion. She loves to bring her keen eye for style and trends to the home and interior landscape as a hobby when she’s not sipping tea or hanging out with her pugs.

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