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Easy, peasy pie!

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My mom will do anything, and no effort is spared, to bring her family and yes, sometimes complete strangers, together around her table. My mom, with her heart of gold, never shows up empty handed when visiting her children. And when you leave her table, you can be guaranteed of not only leaving with a piece of her heart, but also always something to eat. Whether it is a jar of jam, homemade bread, or just leftovers packed lovingly from the meal you’ve shared.

My mom taught me that nothing is too much effort, if you can do, bake something or be something for someone, just do it!

In my mom’s recipe book, in the one corner, was a small snippet that said “Slap degie vir menige gebruik” ( directly translated as versatile runny batter ). This batter is legend – it works on mince, stewed peaches, but I love it on venison. I have mentioned and shared these recipes so many times on RSG and every time it causes a flood of emails and sms’s.

Both my mom and gran made this every winter or whenever they were lucky enough to get their hands on some venison.  So, today’s venison pie I dedicate to these two icons in my life. Without their inspiration, I would not be sitting here typing a recipe like this. Of course this easy batter also works well on flaked roast chicken or fragrant mince for equally delicious pies.

Venison Pie with Batter Blanky

This recipe can be used to make one huge, family-sized pie, or two smaller ones

For the Venison PieVenison


125ml vinegar mixed with about 3 cups of water

2 kg venison leg or shoulder

500g – 750gr pork, chopped (optional)

2 tablespoon olive oil

1 medium onion, chopped,

3 big garlic cloves, chopped

3 whole cloves

a little cake flour

2 bay leaves

2 tablespoons ground coriander

2 cups beef stock

1 cup red wine

salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


Leave meat overnight in the vinegar water to get rid of all the excess blood. The next day, remove the meat from the water and pat dry. Preheat oven to 180ºC. In a cast iron pot, heat the olive oil and sauté the onion and garlic. When the onion has browned, add the meat, bay leaves, coriander, stock, wine, salt and pepper. Bring to the boil and place the lid on. Place pot in the oven and cook the meat for 2-3 hours, it must be fall-off-the-bone tender. If it needs more water, add a little at a time. When the meat is tender, taste for seasoning and adjust. Quickly remove all the bones using two forks. Mix the flour with a little water and add to the pot to thicken the sauce. Allow to cool and now you are ready to make the pie.

For the runny batterBatter


250 ml self-raising flour

2 ml salt

1 egg

+- 100 ml vegetable oil

+- 100 ml milk


Here is how you do it. Place the flour and salt in a mixing bowl. Now break the egg into a cup and fill halfway with oil and then to the top with milk. Whisk the egg mixture lightly with a fork and add to the flour. Mix and pour over the cooled down meat. Bake at 180ºC until golden brown. Serve your venison pie with stewed peaches and green beans. “Toe kossies ” at it’s best. Thank you Ma Tina and Ouma Mina

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Who is Nina Timm?

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Not only is Nina a food stylist, photographer and chef, she is also a mother who understands that someone working full-time needs help in the kitchen. She gets that you are looking for recipes that are easy, affordable and delicious, exactly what inspired her to start Easy cooking from Nina’s kitchen. Nina also runs a successful cooking school, is a published author and travels across the country motivating her audience while teaching them to become better cooks.


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  • Nadia 5th August 2016

    Love the ease and simplicity of the batter. Going to use it with some leftover beef and mushroom stew.

    • David A Steynberg 5th August 2016

      Hi Nadia,
      Glad you like it – we’re excited to get our hands “dirty” this weekend 🙂
      Why don’t you send us a pic on your finished product and we’ll post it on our Facebook page?