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Wanna pig out on these spicy pork meatballs? Permission granted

These spicy pork meatballs are delicious and easy to make in this weeknight meal I am about to share! That, however, is not where it stops. They are perfect for rugby snacks, lunch boxes and also freezer meals.

They can be as hot and spicy as you wish so my recipe is just an indication. Feel free to adjust to your likes and dislikes. One warning, though, if you buy pork mince, make sure you know your butcher and that it is good quality. The best cuts of pork from which to make mince meat are pork shoulder and/or pork butt; not too much fat, just flavour.

Pork meat also gives you softer meatballs, so even when I make beef meatballs, I add some pork to the mix. You can use them in an easy Thai pork and spinach curry or use the meat to make flavourful hamburgers.

So, whenever I take the time to make these meatballs, I make a double batch: One for the pan and the other for the freezer. This way I am always prepared for emergency meals.

Spicy pork meatballs with low-carb couscousmeatballs and couscous

Serves 4 to 6


500g pork mince

1 large white or red onion – grated

2 to 3 slices white bread or 125ml almond flour

2 cloves garlic

5ml to 10ml salt

5ml smoked paprika

5ml cumin

100ml chopped coriander

Zest or 1 lime or lemon

Olive oil for frying


Soak the bread in water and squeeze out all the water. Add the bread and all the other ingredients together in a bowl and mix by hand. Heat the oil in a skillet or pan and fry just a little bit of the mix to taste and see if your seasoning was right. If you need to adjust the seasoning, you can still do it before you fry all the meatballs.

Roll the pork mix into meatballs and fry them until golden brown. Keep warm.

Here’s another finger-licking goodie from Nina’s kitchen

Have a great weekend!


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Not only is Nina a food stylist, photographer and chef, she is also a mother who understands that someone working full-time needs help in the kitchen. She gets that you are looking for recipes that are easy, affordable and delicious, exactly what inspired her to start Easy cooking from Nina’s kitchen. Nina also runs a successful cooking school, is a published author and travels across the country motivating her audience while teaching them to become better cooks.



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