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Blok launches deposit instalment industry-first

blok tenonqUrban developer, Blok, has just made the apartments at its most recent development, TENONQ in Sea Point, more accessible than ever.

Launching an industry-first financing scheme, buyers at TENONQ will not be forced to put down an upfront 10% deposit, but can instead do it in four instalments.

Buyers will now be able to pay their 10% deposits in intervals of three months: a 2.5% payment within 7 days of signing a sale agreement and then 2.5% per quarter for the next three quarters.

“This is an industry first and one we’re proud to be spearheading,” said Jacques van Embden, MD and co-founder of Blok. “We believe strongly in the local property market and encouraging people to get involved in it as young as possible, and want to do all we can to facilitate this first step onto the homeownership ladder. This payment structure allows us to do just that.”

For more visit http://www.blok.co.za/developments/tenonq

Photo: Blok’s latest offering is not only strikingly beautiful, it’s pet-friendly too



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