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Is your bedroom on trend?


On the 15th of November Pharmaline introduced their VenCasa range to the local market with an exclusive launch event held at Bedford Centre, Johannesburg.

“VenCasa has partnered with global and local experts to create the VenCasa Signature Collection,” says Greg Smart, CEO of Pharmaline. “This includes mattresses, headboards, bases and frames, side tables, lamps, occasional furniture, ottomans, linen, pillows and luxurious bedroom accessories, with several price points to accommodate its wide clientele.”

Smart added that the VenCasa range was developed with the consumer in mind; the aim being to deliver a range that is high-end and luxurious but still affordable.

Lesley Douglas, fabric and décor specialist spoke at the event. “One of the major bedroom trends is that customers are choosing a full bedroom suite, rather than shopping for individual products,” explains Douglas. “They want a space where they can feel safe, a sanctuary, a place they don’t want to leave.”

Trend Talk


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  • Headboards are making a comeback. Trends are changing though; instead of the wooden, sleek, hard headboard, soft velvety cushioned headboards are increasingly preferred. This trend creates a feeling of extra comfort in the bedroom.
  • Metallics will still feature boldly in bedroom design, however, it is now more subtle. On trend rooms will have only glimpses of the golds and silvers previously so popular. Instead, 2017 will see a lot of rose golds and coppers.
  • It’s all about glamour in the bedroom. Jewel tones are increasing in popularity, especially teals! It is becoming increasingly fashionable again to use velvet in when working with these trendy, lush colours.
  • Wallpaper is still on trend, now only more of it! Instead of just a fixture wall covered in your choice of beautiful wallpaper, you can now go all out and cover the whole room, ceiling included, in a gorgeous wallpaper. It’s all about glamour, comfort and luxury.


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