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Colour forecast: Turning green in 2017

Believe it or not, trend and colour forecasting is an internationally acclaimed profession. Trend forecasters are always looking ahead to predict the trends and colours you and I will want in our homes a year from now.

Staying in touch and on top of the local industry is the best way to ensure you are using the latest and trendiest. Local suppliers will pick up on global trends and bring in new products, styles and colours according to these trends. Attending industry expos and conferences regularly and watching the fashion industry are other ways of knowing what is trending.

Each year Pantone releases a prediction on what the most popular colour of the new year will be. Pantone’s current colour of the year is Greenery, described by it as a “Fresh and zesty green shade.”

If I had to describe Greenery in my own words, the image that comes to mind is the first leaves of spring after a cold winter. Greenery refers to new beginnings, hopefulness and a true connection to nature. The daily rush and hustle and bustle in our “urban jungles” are somewhat softened by the promise of revitalisation offered by Greenery. Furthermore Greenery promotes the eco-lifestyle, one where recycling and the drive to save the earth is highly valued.

Use green to invite nature into your home

Greenery’s colour combinations and applications in your interiorspantone_coy_2017_heroshot-rgb

In any interior space colour is very important as it contributes to the mood and style of the room. Along with the release of the colour of the year, Greenery in this case,  Pantone releases a range of complimentary colours that should be applied in different ratios in our spaces to achieve the latest looks.

Here are some of the picture-perfect matches to pair with Greenery

Dusty blues


Feeling blue doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The dark more navy blues symbolises confidence and sophistication while those shades recalling the colours of the ocean creates a calming effects with elements of excitement and added through the use of accent colours in shades of green and coral. dusty-blue

Passionate purplespasionate-purples

Shades of purple are associated with feelings of luxury, elegance and diversity. In our interior spaces purple evokes an atmosphere or mood of wisdom, superiority, power, influence and inspiration. The colour purple relates to the fantasy world and a need to escape from the practicalities of life; the daydreamer escaping from life.

Do you know the physiological effects of the wall colour you chose for your bedroom?

It is for this reason that the colour is a good choice to create a dreamy feeling in rooms such as bathrooms and bedrooms. More often though, purple is used as accent colour to create interest in an interior space.

Here the purple floral fabric has been used as accent fabric on the backs of the dining room chairs. This creates a touch of softness and colour against the heavy raw wood dining room table. This space definitely creates a feeling of informality – a place for the whole family to gather and create memories over meals. Generally a home like this will have a second, more formal dining area.passionate-purples

Pretty pastelspretty-pastels

Light airy colours such as this peaceful pink symbolises innocence and purity. Using these shades as accents for the colour green creates a peaceful, tranquil and quiet mood in interior spaces. The feeling you will be left with is one of soft touches and healthy glows.pretty-pastels-1

Muted moodsmuted-moods

Using dark muted greens in your interiors will evoke the feeling of enjoying  a healthy lifestyle in the great outdoors.

The shades of green used here are foliage based greens, awakening a desire to connect with nature, similar to the colour Greenery, whereas the shades of yellow/brown are used to add an element of earthiness to the palette. By using these shades as an accent as shown below these elements are incorporated effortlessly, connecting the four seasons beautifully.muted-moods-1

Green and blue fever


These shades of blues and greens symbolise comfort and dependability. Using this colour scheme in your interiors will create an element of fun while portraying a feeling of relaxation.

This scheme does best in more informal spaces such as patios, using the yellow reminiscent of happy sunny days, as accent colour creates a definite feeling of joy, while the refreshing shades of aqua speaks our dreams and the desire to escape from reality and just unwind.blue-and-green-fever

Who is Spiandi Dickson?


Spiandi Dickson is an interior decorator with years of experience and a keen eye for style. She is a part-time lecturer at Inscape Design Company and runs her own system-driven interior design company – Cotton and Yarn Interiors.

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