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Easy holiday maintenance tips for your garden and home


I say this every year, but I’m always amazed at how time flies. Just a few months ago we were starting off 2016. With the year flying past so fast it is hard to catch our breathas and really just think about what we have achieved.

Yes, it has been a trying year in many aspects; political and non-political, the drought we have been experiencing has really knocked our economy and many smaller businesses. Hopefully many of us are taking a well deserved break this festive season. We however have seen a change the last couple of years, fewer people are travelling long distance to “relax” as they sit in coastal beach traffic jams. The trend we have noticed, however, is that more and more people are staying home over December, opting for short breaks throughout the year.

This is great news for landscapers and interior designers. With people spending less money travelling it means they have more to spend on fixing up their homes and entertain more often over the December period.

Show your space some love


Consider using the time you have to spend in the garden to make it a haven for wildlife. Click the pic for more information

For those of you who are staying in town take the time to enjoy your outdoor space. If you enjoy entertaining start thinking about how you can fix up those neglected areas to turn them into useful spaces.

I had a tiny corner on my property that was never used, a lot of junk used to accumulate there. So I decided to change that, I used wooden pallets to create a deck and I bought some really comfy rain resistant chairs, I put some pots around the deck with aromatic leaves and flowers. The area has now transformed into a tranquil area where we spend hours reading. After the seating area was created I thought it would be great to have my herb garden around the deck. The best part is that setting up this area didn’t break the bank. It’s amazing what you can do on a budget.

Get to work before your break


A round-up of the only gardening tools you’ll ever need. Click the pic

If you have a holiday booked out of town there are a few tips and tasks you can implement before taking your break.

Ask a family member or friend to pop in once a day to check your home, electric fence, alarm and remove any post from your letter box. Turning on different lights on odd days makes criminals avoid the house as they think someone is home. Press your panic buttons and see if they work, use a wooden broom and test your electric fence to see if the alarm siren goes, and does your security company arrive?

Remember to ask them to water your pot plants, if you have indoor plants, place them outdoors while you are away.

The next big sign that you are away is that your garden is unkept. Organise with a landscape maintenance company to mow your lawns and cut the hedges. We are giving a 10% discount on all maintenance over the festive season, from maintenance to house and pet sitting.

Christmas is just a few weeks away, if you do get gifts and buy new gadgets that are worth a pretty penny remember not to put the boxes in your bins as that is the first sign a criminal needs to know that you have something worth breaking in for. Rather drop those tv, laptop and jewellery boxes into a recycling bin at a school or shopping centre.

For many of you this is either your last week or two before our break… I took a few moments out of my busy schedule to literally smell the roses. It really encouraged me to give it that last push but at the same time to actually enjoy the moment.

Spargo Landscape Consultants wishes all of our readers a wonderful festive season. Take time to enjoy the outdoors and the time spent with loved ones.

We look forward to what the New Year has to offer with loads of hot trends and fresh garden tips.

Who is Nicholas Spargo?

Nicholas Spargo, owner of Spargo Landscape Consultants.

Nicholas Spargo, owner of Spargo Landscape Consultants.

Nicholas Spargo, owner of Spargo Landscape Consultants, has been in the landscape trade for 12 years as well as being a lecturer at the Lifestyle Garden Design Centre for the past year. He was awarded a Gold for a design at the Lifestyle Garden Design Centre Design Show in 2008, is an Invasive Species Consultant and is affiliated with the South African Green Industries Council.

Landscaping and education are very close to his heart.


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