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Non-silly Silly Season projects for your home


‘Tis the silly season! You probably have a bonus cheque burning a hole in your pocket and a whole lot of free time. This year, put those extra resources to good use. Your future self, and estate agent will thank you when the time comes to sell your home.

Adrian Goslett, regional director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa says that home maintenance should ideally be a year-round process, but time constraints faced by many professionals make this difficult.

“Considering the fact that a home is such a large financial investment, it would make sense for homeowners to consistently maintain and improve their home to ensure that the investment is protected and grows in value,” says Goslett, cautioning that homeowners must carefully consider each new project so as not to invest too much into the property. “It is important that homeowners don’t spend too much on home improvements and upgrades, over-capitalising and eating into the possible equity built up in the property,” he adds.

Goslett says that there are some projects that will always be a good decision; helping you make good use of your spare cash and idle hands this December.

The projects professional landscapers do on their breaks

A fresh lick of paintlego-painters

Whether on the exterior or interior of the home, a new coat of paint can refresh a home’s look and give it a complete facelift. Changing the colour of a room can give it a different look and will revitalise the space.

Pro tip: Sticking to neutral colours, particularly for the exterior of the home, is best. While vibrant colour palettes can be visually interesting, they could possibly limit the home’s appeal with potential buyers.

Do some landscaping and add water-wise elements to the gardenlego-gardener

A manicured garden is always appealing to the homeowner while they live in the home and could aid in sealing the deal with potential future buyers; however, water restrictions make it difficult to maintain lush lawns and plants. Adding paving or hardscaping elements, such as a stone walkway, will reduce water consumption while adding to the aesthetic appeal of the home’s exterior.

Keep in mind that the lie of the land must be considered in placement of the hardscaping features while water features should be placed in shaded areas to reduce evaporation.

Water-wise tip: Ensure that only indigenous plants are used as they consume very little water and require minimal maintenance.  Certain bedding plants can consume a lot of water; however, by adding mulching to the bed and water retention granules to the soil, the need for water can be substantially reduced.

Cut the clutterlego-family-recycling

During the festive season, there are a number of non-profit organisations that will be collecting items for the under-privileged. This is a great opportunity to clear out some of your clutter while aiding a worthy cause. A de-cluttered home will feel more spacious and will be easier to clean and maintain.

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Start with valuable storage areas such as the garage and tool shed. Let someone else benefit from using the good that you no longer want or will never need again, instead of leaving it to gather dust.

Perimeter and security upgradelego-security

Whether they are motorised or not, the entrance to your property and the security gates on the doors to your home will require some maintenance, even if it is just a coat of paint and oil on the hinges. Other aspects to check would be the intercom system to ensure that it is working correctly.

Security elements add value to a property and increase buyer appeal.

Whether big or small, quick or a longer-term project, well considered December maintenance projects will increase your enjoyment of your home while the continuous upkeep will pay-off in future when you decide to sell.


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