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Ask a lawyer – Can a cancelled lease be revived?

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If we have demanded payment from a tenant, they have not paid and then we cancel the lease, can the lease be revived? I always thought that once a lease is cancelled, you have to sign a new one, if, for example, the landlord wants the tenant to stay on.


Where a lease has been cancelled or rescinded it can indeed be revived. However, the term “revive” in the context of contract law in fact refers to a new agreement being established and signed (presumably on the same terms and conditions as the cancelled one), and one can’t simply “revoke” or “withdraw” a previously cancelled written agreement.

However, in terms of the Rental Housing Act, it is not mandatory for leases to be in writing, therefore where a written lease has been rescinded and the landlord and tenant decide afterwards to continue as before, and thus the landlord consents to the tenant remaining at the property for the remainder of the original lease term, the parties are not required to sign a new lease (unless the tenant requests the landlord to reduce the lease to writing in terms of section 5(2) of the Rental Housing Act).

Instead, they may continue on the basis of a new oral lease agreement, which would (unless there is some express indication to the contrary) mirror the terms of the cancelled written lease.

For various reasons, however, although it is a valid and acceptable way to continue the lease relationship, concluding an oral lease agreement in lieu of reviving a cancelled written lease is not advisable, and I would definitely recommend signing a fresh contract to ensure the parties’ respective rights and obligations are clear – especially when one is dealing with a relationship where there has already been a breach and cancellation.

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