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BREAKING: Sectional titles, here’s how to pay your CSOS levies

sectional-title-balconies-resizeSectional title, bodies corporate and managing agents began collecting CSOS levies from January this year. But since the Gazetting of the new regulations in October last year, managing agents, homeowners associations and bodies corporate have not had clarity on where or how to transfer the collected fees to the Community Schemes Ombudsman office.

What’s this new levy?

According to Karien Coetzee, national property management consultant at managing agency, Trafalgar, each complex will receive an invoice – starting end March 2017 – to pay over their CSOS levies on a quarterly basis.

“If they want to pay it over sooner they have to contact CSOS for the banking details,” said Coetzee, noting that no banking details could be released to the public. “The CSOS cannot just give out [these details] without also giving you your complex’s unique reference number to use, which will also be on the invoices.”

HomeTimes has received a lot of queries requesting clarity on this missing piece of the puzzle, and we’re glad to have it sooner than later. It remains vital that if your homeowners association, managing agency or body corporate has not yet registered your development with CSOS – in order for the ombud to have your contact details and address – that there is still time in pocket to get this done. The longer registration is delayed, the bigger the bill to CSOS will become and the greater the burden on homeowners.


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Review overview
  • A lowery 20th January 2017

    We sent in our registration on 11th nov 2016. We have not heard a word from them, not even acknowledgement of receipt. I have also queried about registration number and where to make payment but received no reply to date. It’ll be a shambles like everything else!

  • Renette 21st January 2017

    What is this levy going to be used for? If every owner under Sectional Title pays this every month the kitty will grow substantially and very rapidly!! Shouldn’t it be an annual payment rather?
    Is this just another money making scheme to bleed the public?

  • Anonymous 8th July 2017

    If I am suspecting irregularities regarding my body corporate, how can I lodge a complaint? In addition, please explain to me how the sewage is calculated per unit? I am suspecting that owners with garden units are paying an equal amount to owners with smaller top floor units, how can this be possible? And how do I investigate? My body corporate has only witty answers in reply andI have run a check, they are not registered according to regulations, but I don’t know how or where to complain?

  • Ann Fleetwood Lowery 10th July 2017

    Well It’s now July and still nothing from Csos! I have submitted our docs twice and sent numerous emails but donot get any reply. Has anyone got a registration number at all? How can we pay if they don’t supply the info?

  • Lynne Walsh 26th July 2017

    Good afternoon, We hand delivered all the documentation as required by the CSOS in November 2016 to the Cape Town office. Nothing has been heard from them since. Emails remain unanswered. Can anyone give some sort of update on what is happening with regards to the levies that we need to pay?

  • pestanch 17th October 2018

    Where can we check if a sectional title complex has been registered.