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How secure is your home? Find out here

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Are you sure you home is as safe and secure as you think it is? Our friends at LockLatch understand that as a South African, protecting your home and your loved ones is your number one priority. Which is why they’ve put together a comprehensive home safety and home security checklist of questions; this will allow you to fully audit the status of your home and adjust where needed. If you answer “no” to any of these, it will identify areas of home safety and security that you can – and should – address.

General home security and safetylocks-on-door-resize

  • Is there adequate lighting in your passageways?
  • Have you tested your alarm system in the last month?
  • Just moved in? Did you change the locks?
  • Are all your electrical cords and wires out of reach or off walking areas?
  • Have you checked your electrical outlets – that they’re not overloaded – in the last month?
  • Are all appliances pushed back from the counters so that they cannot be pulled down?
  • Does your fireplace have a spark screen?
  • Do you have security and safety emergency numbers visible?
  • If you have children, do you have a safety gate at the top or bottom of the stairs?
  • Are all your valuables: electronics, jewellery and important documents out of sight and locked away?
  • Have you checked that none of your outlets are overloaded?

Kitchen home security and safety

  • Are all your wires and cords safely stored away from the sink and other water sources?
  • Are all harmful and flammable chemicals and substances stored safely out of reach?

Door and window security and safety

Peep holes, wishbones and sophisticated locking systems should form a trifecta of security on your front door.

  • Have you installed break-resistant glass to high-threat glass doors or windows?
  • Are you using window restrictors or door latches for good, safe ventilation?
  • Do you have a peep hole installed in your front door?
  • Do all your windows have working locks and pins?

Outside security and safetyModern house garden lights

  • Have you installed motion-sensor lights?
  • Is your tool shed and garage secure?
  • Have you trimmed bushes and trees to eliminate hiding spots?
  • Are your rolling bins securely locked and stowed away?

We hope these home security tips and safety checklist helps you protect your home and your loved ones.

Thanks to Steve Pearce at LockLatch for the kind permission to reprint this article


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