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SA first: Crowd-creating an adult-humour card game

Wanna hear a funny story? I was introduced to the game Cards Against Humanity (CAH) by the very guy co-ordinating the effort to create a free printable South African version of the sometimes shocking, sometimes below-the-belt, always funny card game.

The American party game was originally conceptualised to provide entertainment at a New Year’s Eve party. Available for purchase as a ready-to-play hardcopy version or as a free printable version that can be downloaded, the object of the CAH is really just to have some laughs and play until you’re sick of it.

The game consists of white (answer or phrase) cards and black (question or complete-the-phrase) cards and works best with six to eight players. Each player draws ten white cards and the Card Czar plays a black card. It’s then up to the other players to pick the funniest answer or phrase from the cards drawn. The trick here is knowing the Card Czar’s humour well as that is who will decide which of the answers is funniest, the player whose card is picked as the funniest by the Czar gets an Awesome Point. Each round a new Czar draws a black card and gets to pick the winning funny answer. There are multiple ways to decide who wins, but it really is more about the laughs.

Jonathan Berkowitz, who is crowd-creating our very own CAH:SA, says that one of his personal favourite answer card submissions read “Ta ta ma chance, ta ta ma millions”, but the only millions to be made here are the laughs we’ll enjoy as we fill in the blanks to our own unique South African cards with topical funnies only we will get.

“I don’t want it to seem like this is my business,” emphasises Berkowitz. “I am just co-ordinating South Africa’s effort to create itself a local CAH version.” Explaining that the submissions will remain open forever, with free expansion packs being released on an ad hoc basis well into the future to those who signed up for the initial free pdf game release.

The first release pack, or initial game is still being created with submissions flowing in to the Cards For South Africa site. While submitting your contributions (anonymously if you please) you can also go ahead and sign up to receive the free pack when it’s ready to be played, and any future expansion packs.

Can you beat these funnies?

Friends lauging over a laptop.resize

Click on the pic to make your own submissions

Question Cards

  • The eleven national languages just don’t have the words to describe____
  • Julias Malema, 40% for woodwork, 100% for____
  • Forget the State Capture, the Guptas are after____
  • ____made the Proteas choke.
  • Put____in your bunny chow for extra zing.

Answer Cards

  • Ta ta ma chance, ta ta ma millions
  • Belting out the Afrikaans part of Nkosi Sikelel Africa
  • Still better than Zim
  • Flirting with a petrol attendant
  • Matching on Tinder with Musi Maimane
  • The aftermath of Durban curry
  • The glorious vision of Orania
  • Our system is currently offline

While playing the game once it’s released is sure to be great fun, we’re willing to bet submitting questions and answers with friends will be just much of a laugh.


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