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Selling? Take a photo of your water and electricity meters

Obtaining the clearance certificate from the city council is one of the aspects that could delay a property transfer. Currently, the transferring attorney not only needs to lodge an application form, but also the following documents:

  1. A rates and taxes account not older than three months
  2. Water and electricity account. Should another provider be responsible for the provision of electricity, proof of such agency/statement of account must be supplied
  3. Should your electricity be prepaid, a photo of the meter is required
  4. A photo of your water and electricity meter: This request is very important. It often happens that the city council estimates consumption instead of using the actual readings. Should the municipality only be in possession of estimated readings on their system, the photo with the actual reading will be used to correct the account and the figures before they can issue the clearance figures.

We request this documentation from the sellers in our first letter to them, but sometimes sellers delay in providing us with the necessary documentation and if the agent can raise awareness about this at signature of the contract, it would be of great assistance.

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Who is Tiaan van der Berg?

MC van der Berg, of MC van der Berg Incorporated.

MC van der Berg, of MC van der Berg Incorporated.

M.C. (Tiaan) van der Berg, BLC LLB LLM (UP) H. Dip Labour (UJ) Dip ADR (AFSA/UP), is an admitted attorney, conveyancer and notary, and the founding director of M.C. van der Berg Incorporated, a legal practice specialising in property law. He is also the co-director of Mcademy Training Institute.





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